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Villages in Huelva

San Juan del Puerto

Villages in Huelva

San Juan del Puerto

San Juan del Puerto, is situated in the Agroindustrial belt of the Huelva province, in the southwest of Andalusia, near the coast and only 12 km from the capital.

While the Roman presence can be seen in the bridge over the river Candon, and evidence of the Muslims can be seen in the “tower”, San Juan del Puerto was founded in the fifteenth century by the Duke of Medina Sidonia to export products by sea, and to compete with the ports in Moguer and Palos.

Before its foundation it was a small port through which some fruits and wines were shipped.

Its economy is linked to the shipment of ore from the mines of Rio Tinto. Its main crops are cotton, cereals, corn, olives and vines. The Development Workgroup has helped give rise to other industries, such as the obtaining of cellulose.

In 1468 Juan Alonso de Guzman gave San Juan del Puerto its final name, as it was formerly known as San Juan, and San Juan del Camino.

San Juan del Puerto Monuments

Buitrón Railway Station.

Shrine of los Remedios.

Town Hall.

Church of San Juan Bautista, early sixteenth century. Mudejar style.

Archaeological Sites

Roman bridge over the river Candon.

Remains of the Arab walls of “La Torre” (the tower)

Urban Sites

Houses, eighteenth to nineteenth centuries.


Highlights are the lamb stew, and boiled sheep heads.

The gardens produce good foods, and something typical are the palm hearts, which are abundant in the area.


From Sevilla: Autopista A-49 y carretera A-472
From Badajoz: Carretera N-435
From Portugal: Carretera N-431

Distances from the town

Huelva 14 km
Moguer 7 km
Sevilla 80 km
Aracena 90 km
Trigueros 8 km
Gibraleón 17 km
Lucena del Puerto
Punta Umbría 33 km
Palos de la Frontera 15 km

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