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Castles in Málaga, Estepona Monuments

San Luis Castle

Castles in Málaga, Estepona Monuments

San Luis Castle – Ruins of San Luis Castle – Estepona

The San Luis Castle is located right in the monumental center of Estepona town, next to the Mercado de Abastos and only a couple of minutes from the Clock Tower, the Town Hall and the Church of the Remedies.

The Construction of the castle was ordered by the Catholic Monarchs (Ferdinand and Isabella of Aragon and Castile), in the early sixteenth century.

The castle replaced the old fortification. Its was of Arab origin, and its name was Estebbuna, name which eventually led to Estepona.

The building´s function was primarily defensive for its citizens. This promoted the development of a growing population, and it facilitated the repopulation of the area. As a result, the urban expansion extended beyond the town´s walls.

The fortress was almost hidden during centuries, due to the construction of houses attached to the walls.

Nowadays, and after a carefull restoration work, we can see part of the castle walls. These walls are witnesses of the medieval past of the town of Estepona.

San Luis Castle Estepona

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