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Villages in Sevilla

San Nicolás del Puerto

Villages in Sevilla

San Nicolás del Puerto

The municipality of San Nicolás del Puerto is located in the northern sector of the province of Sevilla, belonging to the region of the Sierra Norte and the Natural Park with the same name.

The village is located at 590 metres above the sea level. It has an area of 44.88 km2, a population of 716 inhabitants. The distance from Sevilla is 93 kilometres.

Its economy is based on sheep, swine and goat farming. It is also important the cultivation of “grains” (vetch, oats, barley …) and the cultivation of small plots as a “summer gardens.”
The origins date back to the Celtic people, who create a village on high ground in order to have more and better strategic and military control of the area, this original settlement was called “Iporci.”

After the Roman invasion, they were installed in the same town but renamed the settlement as “Villa de Fortuumade” or “Fortunales”, maybe because in this area there were silver mines and other less noble materials.

In this era of Roman occupation, there have been minted Roman coins, but as great builders of roads, highways and cities, has reached the “stone bridge” that is on the river Galindón, which has subsequently undergone conservation work and maintenance. There are some authors who believe that it was the town or city Hiporcia as its location could be found in the Ruta de la Plata in Mérida joined Sevilla and Asturias. From the Visigoth period, the only remnant we have is a chalice.

After being conquered by the Arabs, the mines continued extracting the ore. The tower, of some remains still part of a great strength that the king ordered the construction of Muslim Aznnar Benajaque to defend this territory and its mines.

With the arrival of the reconquest by Ferdinand III, the properties changed hands of the nobles as well as the mine. In the mid-seventeenth century it became the property of Count-Duke of Olivares until the XIX century.

The exploitation of silver mines, continuous mining until the mid-twentieth century under concession to a British mining company, creating a small town that today has been converted into lodgings.

San Nicolás del Puerto Monuments

Church of San Sebastián
Hermitage of San Diego
Archaeological Sites
Huerta Nogales
Roman Sites
Cáliz visigodo
Tower of the Arab fortress
Crucero de piedra
Cerro del Hierro

San Nicolás del Puerto Gastronomy

Migas with sardines. Rebosao (mass of gazpacho, roast rabbit, boiled eggs). Goat stew.

Sweets: Pestiños. Roscos.

San Nicolás del Puerto – How to get there

Exit from Sevilla on the local road. The continue in A-4/E-5 for 29.3 kilometres; take the exit 506 towards Carmona / Lora del Río. Link road for 437 metres. Continue along the Carretera de Lora (A-457) for 15.1 km. Follow the A-457 for 7.2 km. Continue on Avenida de la Campana (A-457) for 1.2 km. You are getting the village of Lora del Río. Take the A-455 for 25.5 kilometres and continue along the Carretera de Lora del Río (A-455) for 840 m. You are getting the town of Constantina, once crossed this area, you should continue to the SE-163 for 13.9 km to San Nicolás del Puerto.

Distances from San Nicolás del Puerto

Alanís 8 km
Sevilla 93 km
Azuaga 40 km
Ahillones 53 km
El Pedroso 33 km
Constantina 17 km
Guadalcanal 21 km
Fuente Obejuna 63 km
Las Navas de la Concepción 23 km

San Nicolás del Puerto Town Hall

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