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San Roque Armas Square

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Armas Square, San Roque

The Plaza de Armas Square is located in the monumental area of San Roque, next to the Town Hall and the Saint Mary the Crowned Parish Church, just a couple of minutes from the Governor´s Palace.

Plaza de Armas Square (Place of Arms) used to be the Main Square. It used to have a sandy surface and was used as the arena for bull fights. People say that it was where Manuel Ballón “El Africano” invented modem bullfighting, the Red Cape and Sword Technique in 1720.

In 1846 the name of the square was changed to its present name and flagstones were laid down, The square’s name is thought to derive from a fencing school which was set up here and the pupils practised this sport in the square. This was where the city jail used to be until it was moved to the old Franciscan convent, next to Poet Domingo de Mena Viewpoint in 1847.

There is a coat of arms on one of the houses in the square which belonged to a local family called Rendón. In 1775 the pious Diego Jose de Cadiz stayed at the house when he came to officiate the Lent mass that year.

Plaza de Armas

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