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San Roque Governor´s Palace

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Governors Palace – San Roque

The Governor´s Palace is located in the Church Square, next to Saint Mary the Crowned Parish Church, near the Armas Square and the Town Hall of San Roque.

The Governor’s Palace has civil architecture and dates from the 18th century. It was the Military Command Headquarters for Spanish forces in the Gibraltar area until the 19th century and is said to have been where many attacks during the sieges on the Rock were planned. Nowadays it is home to the Luis Ortega Bru Borough Cultural Foundation.

At first this building was known as Berlanga´s House because Juan Berlanga Aviles.Lieutenant General of the Royal Army and his wife Maria Martinez España purchasedthe house from Juan Arcadio and his wife Maria Machado on 6th September 1768.

It is located in the Church Square, previously known as Vegetable Square due to the fact it used to be the market place. The main façade is in Rubin de Celis Street. The property was declared a listed historical building on 2nd March 1972.

Palacio de los Gobernadores

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