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Villages in Córdoba

San Sebastián de los Ballesteros

Villages in Córdoba

San Sebastián de los Ballesteros – Córdoba province

The municipality of San Sebastian de los Ballesteros is to be found between Fernan Nunez and La Carlota, in the Cordoba countryside, surrounded by fields of cereals and olive trees.

It appears that the name is due to two facts: first, these lands were known as Ballesteros y Gregorio before the arrival to the region of the Jesuits, and secondly, concerning names on the day that Philip III granted to their new owners the jurisdiction and dominion of this territory. Thus, the original toponym Ballesteros y Gregorio became the current name of San Sebastian de los Ballesteros.

The village has its origins in the purchase by the Jesuits of the area known as Los Ballesteros in the seventeenth century.

In 1767 the site would revert to state ownership due to the expulsion of the Order of the Jesuits, and in 1768 Nueva Poblacion Carolina was created there, being populated by people coming from Central Europe. The village was divided into three departments: San Sebastian, Cañada de Gregorio and Majada Alta.

San Sebastian de los Ballesteros Monuments

Parish church of the Immaculate Conception

San Sebastian de los Ballesteros Gastronomy

Turkey with noodles (it should be noted that the noodles used to accompany the turkey pieces in the casserole whether artesan produced or homemade, should be prepared using special flour).
Sweets: Egg Rosquitos. Pestiños. Soplanos. Cupcakes.


Out of Cordoba. Take I-5 / A-4 direction: N-432, Granada – Seville. Take the exit towards: Exit 424 – Aldea Quintana – La Victoria.  Passing Quintana and La Victoria. Continue: CP-073 and follow signs to the town.

Distances from the town

Espejo 31 km
Cordoba 34 km
La Rambla 10 km
Montemayor 15 km
Aldea Quintana 8 km
Fernan Nuñez A 11 km
Fuente Palmera 32 km
Montalbán de Córdoba 13 km

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