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Villages in Sevilla

Sanlucar la Mayor

Villages in Sevilla

Sanlucar la Mayor

The municipality of Sanlucar la Mayor is situated at the western end of the Comarca (region) del Aljarafe and of the province of Seville, being 20 km from the capital of Sevilla. The municipality limits with Benacazón, Villanueva del Ariscal, Espartinas, Olivares, Albaida del Aljarafe, Aznalcóllar, Gerena, Castilleja del Campo, Huévar del Aljarafe and Escacena.

It has an area of 137 km2 and is bordered with the province of Huelva. It sits at an altitude of 148 m above sea level.

The topography is very characteristic, because it stands on the edge of a gully, with two arms that determine a platform facing west, providing these natural trenches with natural protection.

In 1996 it had a population of 10,412 inhabitants, most of whom resided in the village. In the rest of the municipality the other population centres include the villages of Tablante, Villarán, La Herrera and estacion de Benacazón.

The main centre lies along the western edge of the meseta de Aljarafe on the river Guadiamar. The current urban centre faces east, away from the edge of the gully.

The earliest known human settlements date from prehistoric times. Remains of the Copper Age and Bronze Final have been found.

During Roman times it was called Solúcar.
During the period of Al-Andalus, its importance was increased. It came to be known as Sanlucar de Alpechin. At this time the city was strengthened by building walls around the city limits, higher than today. Around 1251 it was conquered by Fernando Gutierrez and came under the jurisdiction of the city of Sevilla.

In the year 1624, it was awarded the title of town and in 1635 King Philip IV created a duchy in favor of Don Gaspar de Guzman, Count-Duke of Olivares.
Sanlucar is currently is gaining a name for its ceramic production.

Sanlucar la Mayor Monuments

San Pedro Church
San Eustaquio Church
Santa Maria Church
San Jose Convent
Hacienda de Benazuza
Remains of Muralla Almohade
Cilla del Cabildo

Sanlucar la Mayor Gastronomy

Tomato soup with mint. Calderetta (mutton, oil, garlic, pepper, offal, spices).


From Huelva on the A 49 take the turnoff to Sanlucar la Mayor.
From Sevilla From the A 49 take the turnoff to Sanlucar la Mayor.

Distances from Sanlucar la Mayor

Sevilla 29 km
Salteras 11 km
Olivares 6.5 km
Umbrete 5.5 km
Espartinas 7.5 km
Benacazón 5.5 km
Aljarafe Albaida 7.5 km
Castilleja de la Cuesta 14 km

Sanlúcar la Mayor Town Hall

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