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Villages in Granada

Santa Cruz del Comercio

Villages in Granada

Santa Cruz del Comercio, Poniente Granadino

Santa Cruz del Comercio is situated on the right-hand banks and a few paces from the river Alhama, or Marchan. It was given the second part of its current name after having been rebuilt after the earthquake of 1884, with funds contributed by the Union del Circulo Mercantil de Madrid. The residents decided to change its previous reference ‘de Alhama’ for the present ‘del Comercio’. As for the place name ‘Santa Cruz’ this probably has its origin in the de Calatrava, a military order under which it was granted the lands held by the Moors in this jurisdiction before they were expelled.

It was also called Santa Cruz de Alhama.

Straddling the region between La Vega and the ancient Temple, Santa Cruz shares its history with Loja and Alhama. The municipality, in the development of historical events, like all of this area of Western Granada, has seen the Roman Empire, the long Muslim rule, the further Christianization after the wars of Granada and in 19th century, the presence in their land of Napoleon’s troops during the War of Independence.


Iglesia Parroquial (Parish Church)

Santa Cruz del Comercio Gastronomy

‘Las Matanzas’, the slaughter of the pigs, home based less and less, produces rich pork based meats. Marinades and being preserved in oil based products keep the pork loins and ribs in good condition.

There is a custom of gourmet feasts in August. The Ayuntimiento offers a ‘tasting’ to the residents of dishes like beans with ham, fried potatoes with peppers and chorizo, rice or migas with sardines, with two senoras of the town who cook  for the gathering of the people with local olive oil.


Leaving Granada . Continue: A-92G. Pass Santa Fe. Take A-92 heading to Malaga – Sevilla – Airport. Follow signs to Airport. Follow signs to Malaga – Sevilla. Pass near Fuensanta. Take the exit towards: Exit 211 – Moraleda de Zafayona
Montefrío – Alhama de Granada . Take A-402 and arrive at Santa Cruz del Comercio.

Distances from Santa Cruz del Comercio

Cacín 15 km
Salar 30 km
Loreto 17 km
Granada 50 km
La Zahora 21 km
Buenavista 6 km
Alhama de Granada 8 km
Castillo de Tajarja 26 km
Moraleda de Zafayona 14 km

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