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Villages in Almeria


Villages in Almeria

Senés – Sierra de los Filabres de Almería

Senés is a picturesque tiered village standing on the southern foothills of the Sierra de los Filabres in a mountainous area, little cultivated because of the difficult terrain and poor soil quality. It has a unique quality, white houses with slate roofs, with the quiet stillness of the landscape giving a harmonious feeling to the whole area.

Senés limits with the municipalities of Bacares, Tahal, Velefique and Uleila del Campo.

Somewhat isolated, a little forgotten, despite severe depopulation, quiet almost lonely winters, Senes in summer is an animated busy place where the unique, still landscape is combined with amazing panoramic views to enchant any visitor.

The area has been described as “the sunny side of the almond” the whole area is fit only for almond cultivation, the land being poor and difficult to work. Many of the working practices have been used since Arab times, and are still the best methods. All these facts combine to give a pleasant harmony between the rural and urban areas, which can be seen in the attractive plazas and streets of the village.

The pleasant mountain climate, with its clean air, moderate winters, long warm summers without too much heat, and a rainy season in spring makes the area perfect for the inhabitants and their almond growing. At 1005 metres altitude, the area has many benefits in its weather without the drawbacks of the almost arid summer heat of the coastal plains.

In the rugged and mountainous areas around the town can be found typical Mediterranean species such as oak, thyme, rosemary, gorse, conifers, sometimes formed into small copses.

The Arabic origin, along with features such as the use of slabs of slate in the construction of local buildings makes Senés somewhat unique amongst the other small villages and towns of the area of Filabres.

Nearby is the uninhabited village of Cuesta Roca, studied and cataloged by P. Cressier, located on the northwest slope of the mountain. The remains of houses cover a large area and are well preserved.

The buildings are of stone and earth, mainly single storey, and Arabic inscriptions can still be found on some walls, remains of Arab pottery have also been found. On the north bank of the river is La Hoya, another area of difficult terrain, where some farming terraces reuse the ruins of houses. Arab pottery has also been discovered here, along with a burial site.

The parish church is in the Mudejar style, and was repaired after the expulsion of the Moors in the sixteenth century with the arrival of Christian settlers, and has a central nave and side chapels. It is located in the main plaza and houses many social events for the local people, boasting many religious artifacts which are of great emotional value to the residents of Senes.


Parish Church, sixteenth century. Mudejar style.

Archaeological Sites

Remains of Castle, village and medieval fortress.

Senés Gastronomy

Migas, a dish of breadcrumbs, bacon and other meats.  Almeria garlic soup. Colorao paprika or broth (a kind of fish).  Cooked sausage. Gurullos ( plate consisting essentially of bread crumbs soaked, drained and fried in lard and ingredients such as garlic, sausage and bacon, among others, similar to Migas).  Choto garlic stew.

Sweets: Roscos. Cream puffs. Pastries. Pies.


Exit Almería towards Almeria Huércal , continue on highway 340. Follow direction: Almería – E-15 – N-340 – Nijar – Murcia. At the roundabout, take exit 1 Continue: A-92A in the direction: A-92 – Benahadux – Guadix. Continue along: A-92A, follow signs to Benahadux . Pass Benadux.  At the roundabout, take exit 3 Continue along: A-92 heading to Guadix – Granada . Take the exit towards: Exit 376 – N-340a – Tabernas – Sorbas. At the roundabout, take exit 2 Continue: N-340A direction: Sorbas – Tabernas. Pass near Tabernas. At the roundabout, take exit 4 Continue along: A-349. Turn left: AL-113 and continue until Senés.


Uleila 27 km
Tahal 15 km
Gérgal 42 km
Macael 36 km
Almería 50 km
Cantoria 47 km
Purchena 43 km
Lucainena de las Torres 41 km

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