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Water Dams in Córdoba

Sierra Boyera Dam

Water Dams in Córdoba

Sierra Boyera Dam – Collado Dam – Belmez

Sierra Boyera Dam wast built between 1969 and 1974 and begins its operaton in 1983.

The Sierra Boyera Dam is located in the Guadiato riverbed, the reservoir is part of the Andalusian municipalities of Belmez, Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo and Fuente Obejuna in the province of Cordoba.

Sierra Boyera Reservoir belongs to the Confederación Hidrográfica del Guadalquivir, area of Córdoba.

The reservoir basin has a surface area of 439 km2, an average rainfall of 583,4 l/m2 and an average annual contribution of 40,45 hm3.

The reservoir has a capacity of 40,91 hm3.

* Dam type: mixed gravity and loose materials with straight plant
* Height above the bed: 26 m
* Crest lenght: 510 m

Sierra Boyera Reservoir Objectives

* Water supply
* Ecological flow
* Irrigation
* Electricity
* Fishing

Sierra Boyera Dam - Collado Dam - Belmez - Belmez - Córdoba

Presa de Sierra Boyera - Embalse de Sierra Boyera - Pantano de Sierra Boyera - Belmez - Córdoba

Sierra Boyera Dam / Collado I Dam

Name: Presa de Sierra Boyera / Dique del Collado I
River: Guadiato
Municipality: Belmez
Basin: Guadalquivir
Province: Córdoba
Dam type: loose materials and core clay
Cota Coronation: 504 m
Height from foundation: 9,250 m
Coronation length: 121 m
Cota foundation: 493,250 m
Dam body volume: 496,770 m
Volumen del cuerpo de presa (1000 m3): 18,370

Sierra Boyera Dam / Dique del Collado II/ Dam

Name: Presa de Sierra Boyera / Dique del Collado II
River: Guadiato
Munipality: Belmez
Basin: Guadalquivir
Province: Córdoba
Dam Type: Loose materials and core clay
Cota coronation: 503 m
Height from foundation: 5,750 m
Coronation lenght: 116 m
Cota foundation: 495,550 m
Cota runway at the dam: 499,700 m
Dam body volume (1000 m3): 10,650

Belmez History

The first historical writings that refer to Belmez date back to December 31, 1245, when in the siege of Jaén, King Fernando III the Saint, gave the Order of Calatrava the Villa of Priego de Córdoba in exchange for the Castle of Belmez. with its territory. However, the first vestiges take us countless years back in time to find the first vestiges of civilization in the term of Belmez. Thus, the dolmen remains found in the area indicate that, at least, the origins go back to the Middle Neolithic, although some remains found take us to even more remote Paleolithic times.

Later and due to the important metallurgical mining in the area, the territory was occupied by Tartessians, Iberians and Phoenicians. But it was in the Roman era when metal mining developed exponentially, continuing the extraction in the Visigothic era.

In 1315 it was Alfonso XIII who granted the title of Very Loyal Villa to Belmez; To which in future years, specifically in 1597, Philip II added the title of Very Noble Villa.

The economic pillars on which the town is based are agriculture and livestock until in 1778 Don José Simón de Lillo discovered coal in the subsoil of Belmez; although previously there is knowledge of writings granted to the Greek Strabo (a contemporary of Augustus) and that refer to “the stones that burn to the north of the province”. The first exploitation of which there is evidence was that of La Mina Cabeza Vaca; but at the same time, different smaller farms began to emerge that fed on the mineral obtained to use it as a source of energy in the different industries of the time.

It was not until 1881 when the Peñarroya Metallurgical Mining Society arrived in the north of the province of Córdoba, monopolizing the extraction of incendiary rock until May 25, 1961, the year in which the company ceased its mining activity in the area. . It was precisely on that date that the National Carboniferous Company of the South was created, currently ENDESA, in charge of mineral exploitation in the area until a few years ago. Read more…

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