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Natural Parks in Andalusia

Sierra Crestellina Natural Reserve – Casares

Natural Parks in Andalusia

Sierra Crestellina Natural Reserve – Casares

Sierra Crestellina Natural Reserve is located in the Andalusian municipality of Casares, is an small valuable natural reserve, protected by the Regional Law of 1989 as a Natural Reserve. It is a spectacular place, where its chalky crags stand out as part of the southern foothill of the Serranía de Ronda which extends towards the adjacent Campo de Gibraltar. But over all it stands out for its biodiversity among other natural values.

Sierra Crestellina Natural Reserve - CasaresThe rocks and cliffs of Sierra Crestellina shelter an abundant anda varied fauna of birds which are specific of this habitat; red-billed chough, blue rock thrush, crag martin and several species of birds of prey which find here a place for their nets. Thoses birds of prey confer its prominent ecological importance to the mountains of Casares, which deserved legal protection more tham twenty years a go. Golden and Bonell´is Eagle, Peregrine falcon and Griffon vulture adorn the peaks of Sierra Crestellina. Also the Egyptian vulture, one of the most endangered birds in Andalucía, had a breeding couple few years ago on this place.

The colony of Griffon vultures, more than 50 couples, is the most important in the province of Málaga. From the walls of this mountain range the vultures pounce everyday looking for corpses of cows in the countryside. Their enviromental role is very important and it is very exotic for the european fauna, there are few countries which have colonies of this big vulture.

The geographic situation of Sierra Crestellina, near to the strait between Europe and Africa confers it another value added; it is the scene of one of the most amazing phenomenons of the Nature: Bird migrations. Every year millions of birds which breed in Europe trave to the countries located beyond the Sahara desert at the end of the summer or beginning of the autum. At the end of the winter or beginning of the spring they come back following the same route. Sierra Crestellina is a privileged place to enjoy watching the migrations, specially birds of prey and storks.

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Sierra Crestellina Natural Reserve - Casares

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