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Natural Parks in Andalusia

Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park Malaga

Natural Parks in Andalusia

Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park Malaga

The Natural Park Sierra de las Nieves is located in the natural region of the Serranía de Ronda in Málaga province. This mountainous area is cut by deep ravines and spectacular gorges like the Caina, with more than 100 metres fall. Also, due to ground limestone chasms arise as the one of Gesm, the third in the world with a deep of l.l00 metres.

The highest altitude reached in the Torrecilla (1,919 metres), in the Sierra Blanca of Tolox.

The most important forest of firs, a unique species to southern Spain and northern Morocco, occupies more than 3,000 hectares in the Sierra de las Nieves. Here is also one of the largest populations of Andalusia from the mountain goat who, along with deer, are the only two native species of large wild ungulates in the park there.

The park occupies an area of 20,163 hectares between the municipalities of El Burgo, Istán, Monda, Parauta, Ronda, Tolox and Yunquera. Inside, there are no paved roads, only forest tracks that part of the road linking the villages of the region or from them.

Border zone between the Atlantic and Mediterranean, has a varied and unique flora. In high mountains, with frequent rainfall and mists, the gall abundance and fir trees. This unique fir flowers between the months of March and April was discovered by Swiss Boissier at the beginning of the XIX century and only lives in the high mountains of the western end of the range subbética and the Yebala to the north Morocco. As for the oak, this species has been cleared of improperly way for a long time and replaced by pine afforestation. However, there are some forests in La Torrecilla and in the mount “Los Quejigales.”

At lower altitudes include the oak and cork oak, especially in the municipalities of Istán and Monda. There are also small masses of carob and chestnut trees, the latter operated in Tolox and Parauta.

The richness in hunting species of these mountains made that in 1972 was almost 22,000 hectares declared as National Game Reserve. Thanks to this, species have been preserved as the mountain goat. Others, like deer and sheep have also been introduced for hunting, being restricted to a boundary fence.

In the Park inhabit animal species protected by law, such as wild cats, golden eagles and otters, a species the latter of which remain a few specimens in the Río Verde. In Tolox, the Centro de Recuperación de Especies Protegidas de Pecho Venus provides care to those animals that have suffered some damage and have been collected by individuals, forest officials, environmentalists and hunters. After their recovery, they are returned back to the wild.

Undoubtedly, one of the most picturesque and close to the park is the town of Ronda, declared “Paraje Pintoresco with all its surroundings.” This city sits on a plateau to 723 metres high, overlooking a deep escarpment at the bottom of the river Guadalevín. The Tajo divides the town into two parts, the market and the city, which are connected by three bridges: the Puente Árabe, the Puente Viejo or Puente Romano which was rebuilt in the early XVII century, and the Puente Nuevo, built in 1700.

Livestock is a strong pillar of the economy of the towns in the area. It also makes good use of the cork, chestnut and honey.

In the same way the leather, saddlery or forged bars are examples of a characteristic cottage industry.

Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park

Parque Natural de Sierra de las Nieves, Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park Malaga

Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park

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