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Villages in Málaga

Sierra de Yeguas

Villages in Málaga

Sierra de Yeguas

The municipality of Sierra de Yeguas is situated to the north of the province of Malaga, near the borders of the province of Seville and Cordoba. The main quality of its geographical location that should be noted is that it sits in the centre of the Andalusian region.

The lands of Sierra de Yeguas are bordered between the northern area of Antequera and the Seville countryside, the Sierra de los Caballos (748 metres), interposed between them.

This sierra, despite having the most rugged relief of the area, is not too badly sheer sided, and is covered mostly by scrub and small rocky areas of old live oak that once covered it in its entirety. There is also an important area of “abuches”. Despite being a low altitude sierra, it is nevertheless very visible from outside the municipality due to the lower altitude of surrounding region.

The village is 550 metres above sea level and 95 kilometres from the capital of the province. The municipality records an average rainfall of 550 l/m2 and the average annual temperature is about 15 º C


Termas de la Haza de Estepa
Iglesia de Navahermosa (church)
Inmaculada Concepcion Parish Church

Sierra de Yeguas Gastronomy

In all the towns that make up the region, gastronomy is determined by the products that are harvested in the field and dominated the olive oil and flour.

The two main signs of the gastronomy of the place are the Porra Campera and the Gazpacho.

Sierra de Yeguas cuisine, include: Cod stew, cod omelette, fried cod, asparagus, gazpacho, porra campera and we alos find pork, rabit, roasted pepper salad, bread crumbs, partridge, goat cheese and mushrooms.


The starting point for Sierra de Yeguas is the capital Malaga.. The traveler can choose between two routes. One option is to take the A-45 (N-331) towards Antequera but without entering it, the road connects to the A-92. About 8km along this road you will see the turning to Campillos on the A-384, and from this town, and along the A-365, you come to Sierra de Yeguas.
The other option, also from Malaga capital, is to take the A-357, direction Campillos, and, as in the previous case, once in the town, take the A-365 to Sierra de Yeguas.


Seville 153 km
Malaga 90km
Antequera 33km
Cordoba 102 km
Granada  134 km

Sierra de Yeguas

Sierra de Yeguas

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