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Castles in Jaén

Solera Castle

Castles in Jaén

Solera Castle

The Solera Castle is located in the town of the same name, belonging since 1975 to the municipality of Huelma in the province of Jaén, Andalusia.

The ruins of this Arab castle, of masonry and on a rocky spire, testify to the difficulties that Christians must have had until they managed to conquer it in 1433.

The castle was declared a Historic Monument in 1985.

It is on a rocky spur at 1090 meters high, being the tallest castle in the province of Jaén. There are two construction phases. On the top there are masonry walls of irregular size that delimit a small enclosure to which is associated a cistern that still retains remains of the pointed vault of covering. Further down, there are remains of other larger constructions, an authentic castle flanked by ashlar masonry towers at the angles and walls that close the enclosure. The communication between both areas is carried out through a passageway covered by a half-barrel vault, also of masonry and that coserves plastering remains.

The entire construction is mounted on top of the rock that serves as a foundation. The original walls that show a strong deterioraton are masked by recent remodeling.

From the Solera Castle, of nasrid origin, you can see splendid views of the Vega where the Jandulilla River and the Gargantón River converge, as well as the town of Bélmez de la Moraleda and the Torreón del Lucero, which gives and idea of defensive system that these lands had in past times.

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