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Castles in Granada

Soraya Castle

Castles in Granada

Soraya Castle – Mondújar

The Soraya Castle is located on the hill of Castillejos, about 600 meters east of the town of Mondujar (Lecrin), between the ravines of the fuentezuela and the castle located at 879 meters altitude.

Castle that was owned by Muley Hacen had it built as wedding gift for Soraya (Isabel de Solís). It is a Nasrid model from the mid-14th century, with an irregular polygon to adapt the terrain.

The access of the castle is conserved formed by a door of double bend, in ramp, in the interior of a tower of trapezoid plant located in the northeast corner of the stagnant enclosure the entrance and exit oriented to the west.

Outside there are the remains of a large cistern built with lime concrete walls that preserve the plaster and remains of almagra.

On the left in frnt of the castle there is an acequia for water supply.

On the right you can see horizontal lines that are a sample of the gardens areas of the castle since this was part of the Granada royalty.

This fortress was built by Muley Abul-Do when his son Boabdil rebles against him. Seeing himself stripped of the kingdom he retired to his fortress of Mondujar with his wife Soraya and his two sons Cad and Nacre here he died and according to tradition was ordered to bury in the highest hill of Sierra Nevada that today is called Mulhacén.

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