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Monuments in Cádiz

Tarifa San Mateo Church

Monuments in Cádiz

San Mateo Church

The Church of San Mateo is located in the C/ Sancho IV El Bravo, in the town of Tarifa, province of Cadiz.

Temple of a latin cross, with three naves, transept and flat head. The main nave consists of four sections and separated from the side by pillars supporting pointed arches.

The covers of the Church of San Mateo are ribbed with starry decor. The vains are pointed retaining some original traceries. On both sides of the Main Chapel individual chapels square plan, covered by vaults are arranged. On the left side of the cruise the Sacramental Chapel stands, square plant covered by hemispherical dome on pendentives.

Outside the main facade is articulated by pilasters, finished of with mixtilineal profile. The tower rises at one end and is square.

The belfry is articulated by tuscan pilasters between the bays that open topped half a point. Is covered by a hemispherical dome.

The general work of the churh is from the first half of the sixteenth century, following the lat gotic features. At this stage now responds inside. Both the tower and the main facade and the Sagrario Chapel are works of the mid-eighteenth century, late baroque forms.

The front of the San Mateo Church has fluted columns with corinthian capitals. The entrance segmental arch on the set of San Pedro arms and damaged inscription. The second body is flanked by columns, has a niche with the Sacred Heart. Above there is a blind oculo with the symol of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The attic is decorated with pilasters and the cornice is of curved lines.

Churh of San Mateo

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