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Villages in Huelva


Villages in Huelva

Tharsis – Minas de Tharsis

Minas de Tharsis is a municipality in the province of Huelva, Andalusia, Spain.

(municipality of Huelva since October 2, 2018, previously belonging to Alosno)

Tharsis is located in the heart of the region of Andévalo, at the confluence of the Huelva-Lisbon international road, bordered by Alosno to the south, Puebla de Guzmán to the west, Villanueva de las Cruces to the northeast and Cabezas Rubias to the north. In the the year 2013 it had a population of 1840 inhabitants (INE). Is located 48 kilometers from the provincial capital, Huelva.

This village has been for many centuries a mining town, in whose mines was extracted, above all, massive pyrite for the manufacture of sulfuri acid.

The main attaction of the Tharsis Mines is its five open pit courts. Located around the Sierra Bullones, they receive the name of Filón Center, Sierra Bullones, North Phylon, South Philo and Short Esperanza.

Tharsis Monuments

Ancient Theater
Mining Casino
English Cemetery
Santa Bárbara Church
Old Market of Supplies

Distances from Minas de Tharsis

Alosno 7 km
Cabezas Rubias 16 km
Puebla de Guzmán 13 km
Villanueva de las Cruces 12 km
San Bartolomé de la Torre 20 km

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