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Villages in Sevilla


Villages in Sevilla

Tocina – Los Rosales

The little town of Tocina occupies a fairly central position in the province of Seville, belonging to the region of La Vega del Guadalquivir. In 1996 its population had 8,660 inhabitants, of which about 60% resided in the central area. The town of Los Rosales also was part of this term.

The primitive nucleus of Tocina is located in the northern part of the town, being constituted by small irregular blocks surrounding the Parish Church. The town was then crossed by a highway parallel to the river (from east to west), which was the only means of communication. This road becomes the first axis of growth, determining the successive appearance of several parallel streets that originate macroblocks from east to west, coming to create a smooth road. The expansion of the urban area occurs mainly towards the south, since towards the north there are floodplain and unhealthy lands, which only have allowed the emergence of a street (neighbourhood El Polvito).

The first human settlements date from the Neolithic. Subsequently, they have not had nearly interrupted by the archaeological sites found.
Its foundation is Turdetano origin, with the name of Tucilla.

The first written preserved evidence dates from the Roman age. There was probably a villa in the vicinity of the current population.

During the period of Al-Andalus it was called Taxana that, after the Christian conquest led to the current name. From this time there has been very little documentation, but it is clear that it was a farm-dependent of Sevilla.

The Christian conquest was carried out by Fernando III, who donates the village to the Order of San Juan de Jerusalén; donation that is confirmed in 1248 by his son Alfonso X. This commission was highly coveted due to its location and its fertile land in the centre of the Guadalquivir, until the XVIII century they were in property litigation, primarily with Carmona.

Tocina Monuments

Parish Church of San Vicente Mártir
Hermitage of Nuestra Señora de la Soledad
Archaeological Sites
Roman sites
Fountain of Mocho and Paco Pozo.
Las Suertes

Tocina Gastronomy

Alcauciles con lomo (pork loin, garlic, laurel, artichokes, saffron, lemon).
Rabbit with tomato (rabbit, tomato, walnuts, almonds, white wine).

How to get there

From Seville by the National IV (E5) to 514 km and towards Los Rosales 115 by the SE 115.
From Sevilla through La Rinconada, Brenes by the SE 111.


Sevilla 37 km
Brenes 15 km
Cantillana 13 km
Alcalá del Río 34 km
Alcolea del Río 11 km
La Rinconada 29 km
Villaverde del Río 17 km
Villanueva del Río 11 km

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