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Tolox – Amargosa Spring Spa

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Tolox – Amargosa Spring Spa

The Amargosa Spring Spa is located just a couple of minutes from the town center of Tolox, Málaga province.

Although some texts fron 1789 prove that the Tolox sulphurous and medicinal wáter springs have been known for centuries, it was not until 1867, when the famous local chemist, José García Rey, disconvered the spring after which the spa has been named. Since then the waters, which include sulphurous and magnesium minerals, have been proved ideal for the treatment and prevention of respiratory and urinary illnesses. Patients who were affectionately known as “water people”, would inhale and be sprayed with the water or would have to drink the water it their kidneys were being treated.

The waters were declared of public use in 1871. In 1900, a hotel that is still open today, was built. The original spa building, after being destroyed in 1906 by a flood, was replaced by the present building that dates from 1910. Later, in 1931, the top floor was added preserving the original building style.

Since it opened, the spa has obtained national and international renown thanks to the efficiency of the treatments offered and has also become a tourist attraction, especially when it opens in the summer.

A number of distinguished guests have visited this spa, such as the entire family of General Primo de River, the bull-fighter Lagartijo, the poet Salvador Rueda or the Imperio Argentina.

Amargosa Spring Spa - Tolox

Ayto. de Tolox

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