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Villages in Granada

Torre Cardela

Villages in Granada

Torre Cardela, Montes Orientales Region

Torre Cardela can be found 60 kilometres north of the capital city of Granada, near the mountain pass of the same name, which forms a the natural border with the province of Jaén.

It is bordered to the east by the municipality of Gobernador, to the south by that of Píñar and north and west by Guadahortuna.

Torre Cardela has been an identifiable location for just over a hundred years, and has a rich and ancient history dating back to before the conquest, as is evidenced by prehistoric remains and Arabic ‘hayados’ dating from the XIII and XI centuries.

The town was noted, from XIII century, as a border territory of the Nazari kingdom of Granada, with the Crown of Castile. They built what today is known as the ‘Torreon’ or Tower, which had its own garrison, the immediate aim of which was to monitor the hill on which sits the current population centre, as it was thought that through this sector would be the route to the conquest of other villages.

It was taken by the Marquis of Cadiz in 1412, but returned to the Nazaríes and remained so until the dismantling of the border by the Catholic Monarchs. The town was of great defensive importance to the Lord of the Knights of Girones.

It was from 1492, after the capture of Granada by Ferdinand and Isabella, when this sector was established in the existing settlements

Monuments in Torre Cardela

Casa Grande
Iglesia Parroquial de San Jose (San Jose Parish Church)
Arab Tower (Torreon)

Torre Cardela Gastronomy

The cuisine of this municipality retains local dishes of the region such as migas, ‘andrajos’, las gachas con miel (a kind of porridge with honey,) ‘los maimones’, ‘los hormigos’, sopas ‘colores’ and casseroles. There is a traditional custom of la matanza del cerdo, (the slaughter of the pig,) after which these typical sausages are made, chorizo, blood sausage, salami and of course excellent ham.


About 60km separate Torre Cardela  from Granada city . To get there take the A-44 towards Almeria to the turn off  for the A-308. Pass Iznalloz. Follow signs to Piñar. After passing Piñar turn left: A-401 and arrive at Torre Cardela.

Distances from Torre Cardela

Granada 60 km
Moreda 8.5 km
Diezma 27 km
Huelago 17km
Iznalloz 27 km
Purullena 33 km
Montejícar 18 km
Guadahortuna 7.5 km
Benalúa de Guadix 35 km
Benalúa de las Villas 40 km
Villanueva de las Torres 29 km

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