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Torre de Calahonda

Watchtowers Málaga

Calahonda Watchtower – Mijas

Even though the tower is situated in Mijas, it is very near to the Andalusian municipality of Marbella. The tower is populary known as “Lancón Tower” and was finished in 1575 with a budget of 560 ducados. Some authors have confused it with the medieval Tower of Calahorra.

The tower is boat tail in shape with a little eliminar, with a base of 7,35 meters in diameter, an a height that goes from 5,85 meters to 10,20 meters. The entrance to the tower is at 6,10 meters hight and has a protection wall with crenels.

A report made in 1726 points out that the towerr should be equipped with a small cannon and two pedreros which is a cannon that shoots balls and a corporal and six soldiers. Later in the rules and regulations of 1764 it states “The Tower of Calahonda, which is the tower that is situated furthest to the East of the municipality, is equipped with a corporal and three tower keepers”.

In 1765 there was a project to install two cannons of pounds in weight, which stated “the vaults have to be reinforced, to make a common use space and other repair works must be carried out”. The General Building Plan wrote two years later “The Tower of Calahonda needs to reinforce its vault, and reduce the parapetto the height of the sponson to enable two cannons of 4 pounds in weight to be installed, as well as other repair works”.

In August of 1774 a report indicated that the Tower of Calahonda had been equipped with two cannons of 4 pounds in weight and was in service.

In 1830 another document described the watch tower of Calahonda as “40 varas (a measurement semilar to a meter) away from the sea with a circular shape, managed by a corporal, three tower keepers and four soldiers.”

In 1857 it was pointed out that the Tower of Calahonda “was 40 varas away from the sea, had a cylinder shape of 26 varas of circumference and was a medium state in need of repairs”. A project of the Telegraph Stations established in 1857, included the tower as one of its telegraph points.

Temboury made a reference to the this tower, situating it between the Tower of Ladrones and that o La Cala del Moral, stating wrongly that they were finished a the beginning of the 16th century.

Calahonda Watchtower - Mijas

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