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Estepona Monuments, Watchtowers Málaga

Torre de Casasola – Estepona

Estepona Monuments, Watchtowers Málaga

The Casasola or Baños Watchtower – Estepona

The Casasola or Baños Watchtower is located in the Andalusian municipality of Estepona, about 500 meters from the N-340, just few meters from the beach.

The Casasola Watchtower is Muslim origin and is velieved to have been built in the fourteenth century. It is characterized by having a horseshoe plant and 15meters in height. The base of the tower was reinforced as they came to move with the wind.

Access: easily accessed from the N-340 (Estepona – San Pedro) turning right at the height of the Atalaya Hotel, approximately at the km 167.

The Casasola or Baños Watchtower

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