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Estepona Monuments, Watchtowers Málaga

Guadalmansa Watchtower

Estepona Monuments, Watchtowers Málaga

Guadalmansa Watchtower – Estepona

The Guadalmansa Watchtower or Torre Desmochada is situated in the Andalusian municipality of Estepona, at the height of Cabo Bermejo, it is Muslim era and is believed to have been built in the tenth century but apparently was rebuilt in the sixteenth.

About five centuries ago, the Andalusian coast were frequently attacked by North African and Turkish pirates. People do not wat to participate in the repopulation of the area as the pirates captured the inhabitants t sell them as slaves and looted their property.

To combat the pirattes landings, Christians put into operation based on a series of towers from which they made smoke signals during the day and bright at night, in order to warn quickly in case of enemy landing defensive system.

These towers are called watchtowers and lookout towers, and although there are precedents for this surveillance system since Moorish times, it was the Christians who designed and built a network of towers that defended the coast.

The Guadalmansa tower is solid to the door to provide solidity.

Total Height: 14 meters

Base Diameter: 6,70 meters

Square ground.

Access: easily accessed from the N-340 (Estepona – Marbella).

Guadalmansa Watchtower - Estepona

Estepona Town Hall

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