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Watchtowers Málaga

Torre Ladrones

Watchtowers Málaga

Torre Ladrones – Cabopino – Marbella

Torre Ladrones (watchtower) is located just few meters from the sea,

Torre Ladrones - Torre Vigía Ladrones - Marbella

near the beach and near the Natural Monument of Andalusía “Dunas de Artola”, in the Andalusian municipality of Marbella.

Torre Ladrones, with its 15 meters high, is the highest watchtower around the Malaga coastline. From the terrace the sea border is guarded, warning of the presence of enemies and it was organized defefense in case of attack.

In 1985 Torre Ladrones was declared of Cultural Interest, with the category of Monument.

Torre Ladrones is part of a complex device defense of the maritime border, inplemented after the conquest of the Kingdom of Granada by the Catholic Monarchs, in order to protect these lands from any external threat, and especially the Turkish army army raids and Berber piracy from bases in north Africa.

This device comprising a series of watchtowers, arranged as observatories or checkpoints, roughly equidistant between them and the coastline.

Torre Ladrones - Torre Vigía Ladrones - Marbella


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