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Torre Nueva Watchtower – Mijas

The Torre Nueva Watchtower is located in Avda. de Rota, in de Andalusian municipality of Mijas.

It has also been called The Tower of Cala del Moral, Torre Penta-Pesetas and Tower Peseta.

According to some authors, the tower began construction in 1513, but other authors state it was completed around 1568.

In a document dating back to 1759, the new tower appears stating “it is situated west of the Calaburras Tower and east of Calahonda“. It also states that “the tower is in good conditions, but needs some plastering and works done to it.

A few years later, in 1762, the tower is againg described as “in average condition with capacity for a 4 pound cannon”. Years later some documents indicate that there was actually two towers with 6 acres of land for its use.

The New Tower of Cala del Moral appears in a document dated the 1764, here its described as “equipped with a wing with three towers”, whilst in the general plans dated the 1767, it highlights that to mount the 4 pound cannon, the towr has to be reinforced and some repairs must be made.

In a document dated 1773, it indicates that the towers is in good condition and we know that a year later the works were carried out to reinforce the tower and two 4 pound cannons were installed and in working use.

Later in the reports dated 1781, 1783, 1787 and 1821, it was indicated that the tower was in need of repair.

In 1830 the tower was equipped with a corporal, three tower keepers and four soldiers.

In the mid-nineteenth century it is described as “New Watchtower, 120 yards from the sea, crowning a hill, a cylinder of 21 “varas” (old fashioned measuremnet just under a meter) circumference, with conical shape, with a upper “garita” (small building for soldiers to keep guard”, measuring 5,65 meters in diameter at is base and 10,65 meters of height. The gateway stands 6,50 meters tall, facing the sea.

Torre Nueva, Torre de la Cala del Moral, Torre Penta-Pesetas o Torre Pesetas, Mijas

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