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Villages in Jaen


Villages in Jaen

Torredelcampo, Comarca de Jaén

Torredelcampo limits with Fuerte del Rey, Jaén, Los Villares, Jamilena, Torredonjimeno, Villardompardo, Escañuela, Arjona and Higuera de Calatrava.

Torredelcampo is a medium-sized town located in the region of Jaén, near the capital. This circumstance, with its good connections through the motorway, has become in the last years in the place chosen like normal place of residence to many people. Almost the whole area of its extensive municipal district is used for cultivated lands, predominating the dry olive grove. Its economic activity, dynamics and diversified, is based on the construction auxiliary industry, the textile and wood industry and the exhibitor activity, that on the whole they mean important income.

The first settlers of the area go back to the Copper Age, although the origin of the present town is related to the Cerro Miguelico.

When the Carthaginians arrived the Peninsula it was called Osaria Bitosiria.

During al-Andalus period, the settlers of this town have to move towards Martos that the other villages of the open country have to reinforce due to the nearness of the frontier with the Christians.

The Christian conquest was carried out in 1243 by the king Fernando III, who took up his residence in the area around La Villa before the conquest of Jaén. After the conquest it attached to the city of Jaén.

In 1804, Carlos IV conceded the title of Villa in Exchange for 7.500 maravedíes (an old Spanish coin) for each inhabitant.


Parish Church of San Bartolomé, XVI century. Renaissance style. Its bell tower seems a minaret.

Hermitage of Santa Ana.

Torredelcampo Archaeological Sites

Cerro Miguelico. A settlement that gave rise to the current municipality. Visigoth necropolis and cyclopean wall (a type of stonework).

Sites of El Berrueco. Bronze Age, ivory head of Baco’s god.

Castle of El Berrueco. Remains of a fortress.

Tower of La Muña, XIV century. We can observe wall and tower canvas.

Arab Towers. Olvidada, Muña, Aldehuela, Término, El Castil, Casa Fuerte, El Cortijo La Iglesia and Las Torrecillas.

Town Planning

Barrio de Fuente Nueva.

Torredelcampo Gastronomy

Typical dishes: chickpea stew, stew of potatoes, lamb, migas de pan (croutons, garlic, green peppers, olive oil, water, salt…).
Confectionery: Gachas dulces de harina (wheat flour, olive oil, sugar, water and croutons), pestiños (flour dough, beatted eggs and covered with honey), roscos de anis (anise bread rolls), rosquetas.

Other dishes: slaughter products, alcaparrones (capers), olives, snails, toasted chickpeas, etc

How to get there

You have to exit Jaén and continue in: Carretera de Córdoba. Take the exit towards: Salida 70 – Torre del Campo (Oeste). Then you get Torredelcampo.


Jaén 13 km
Martos 12 km
Garciez 9,5 km
Porcuna 33 km
Jamilena 6 km
Fuerte del Rey 23 km
Puente del Villar 18 km
Torredonjimeno 9,5 km

Torredelcampo Town Hall

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