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Trails in Malaga - Best Trails & Routes in Málaga

Trail Istán – Errizas de la Gallega – Istán

Trails in Malaga - Best Trails & Routes in Málaga

Trail Istán – Errizas de la Gallega – Istán PR-A 166

Lenght: 2,5 kilometres
Route: Circular
Approximate time: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Difficulty: Minimum
Maximum difference in altitude: 115 metres
Starting point: Viewpoint – Youth Hostel
Recommende season: All

This route leads through traditional vegetable gardens and down to the Molinos River where we will be able to view the remains of ancient flour mills, from which the route takes its name. The said mills used the driving force of water to move the machinery. After crossing the river, we shall pass though a traditional cereal threshing floor.

Facing north from the Viewpoint, we will be able to see practically the entire area covered by the route. We shall take a steep downhill track, on the right, and continue along another track on the left, passing through excellent vegetable gardens. Ignore all crossroads until we reach one after two tight downhill bends; here, go straight on. We shall cross a bridge over the Molinos River, turn left and continue to the end of the track. A path appears on the right from a gate that leads into some private property. We shall pass through some fields with animals and a little further up we shall reach the remains of an ancient Arabian threshing floor.

About 20 metres further on, we shall reach the Istán-La Gallega track. After enjoying the views from the “Errizas de la Gallega”, we shall trace our steps back and cross the Luis Stream, leaving the Arabian threshing floor behind and continuing along the track.

We shall cross another stream and, on our right, see and irrigation channel. The track leads uphill for a few metres and then we must take a path that will appear on the right. This track (Caminos de los molinos – Mill Walk) soon crosses an irrigation channel and leads downhill until we can see the Molinos River again as well as several constructions on the opposite bank: these are the ancient mills, some of which have been restored.

We shall reach another irrigation channel, which we will walk along for a short distance and then follow the track that leads downhill until is crosses Río Verde (Verde River). Once across the river, take the track on the right taht leads to an open area where there is a steep uphill path – this is the pat we took at the beginning of the route.


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