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Villages in Cadiz


Villages in Cadiz


Trebujena is located to the north-west of Cádiz , it obtains own entity like an independent town in April 21, 1494 through the Municipal Charter (Carta Puebla) given by the Duke of Medina Sidonia, although its origins are older like we can observe in many archaeological remains found in its municipal district.

The nearby towns are Jerez de la Frontera and Sanlúcar de Barrameda in Cádiz and Lebrija in Sevilla.

Trebujena is a town situated in the typical landscape with hills and surrounded by marshes. It is a town with recognized charm because of its sunsets, in the left bank of the River Guadalquivir, where it is confounded the bright horizon of the sea, the shining sands of Doñana, at the back, and, like a silent witness, between reddish shades and rays of the sunlight, the River Guadalquivir: “That silver ribbon in the middle of the marsh”. Almost in its mouth, we can find the best prawns and young eels.

The urban area of Trebujena is located among vineyards, from where we can eat its fruit in September, gold grapes, and has the colour of the life (green). Grapes, which after a handmade production offer us the excellent first-class grape juices. But the people from Trebujena, as well as being a responsible worker he also looks for chances to enjoy himself: In February, he loses the “sentio”, he dresses up, satirizes, gossips the things that have to be gossiped and in the street it is full of masks and we can find the Bruja Piti. In February we can celebrate Carnival. About the middle of August, its Feria, full of charm and flavour. At the beginning of December, in a clear example of coexistence and hospitality, it is celebrates the good harvest of the grape juices and the good food, in the traditional Fiesta Concurso de Cocina y Mostos.

In the XII century, the Arab geographer al-Idrisi mentions in his Geography the farmhouse of Tarbasana, river port in the route from Algeciras to Sevilla. Later, in the partition of Sevilla it is mentioned among the many farmhouses that belonged to Lebrija.

In 1297, the town of Trebujena was ceded to Guzmán el Bueno by Fernando IV like part of the Señorío de Sanlúcar, passing to the Casa de Medina-Sidonia.

In 1494, Trebujena was established in an independent town from Sanlúcar de Barrameda, through municipal charter (carta-puebla) given by the Duke of Medina-Sidonia in April 21.

Trebujena Monuments and Museums

Town Hall
Hermitage of Ntra. Señora de Palomares
Parish Church of La Purísima Concepción


We can mention some typical dishes such as the prawns omelettes, brook bleaks, ajo caliente and young eels from Trebujena.

Trebujena How to get there

If you exit from Cádiz, you have to continue in: N-443, follow towards: Salida 105 – CA-32 – Puerto Real A-48 Algeciras – Puerto de Santa María. Follow towards: Salida 105A – PTO.STA.MARÍA CA-32 – Jerez de la Frontera – Sevilla, then: Salida 105A – Puerto de Santa María Jerez de la Frontera – Sevilla. Continue in: CA-32, then: Jerez – Sevilla. Continue in A-4. Take the exit towards: Salida 637, A-2000, Jerez (centro) – Trebujena. In the roundabout, take the exit 3 and continue in: A-2000 towards: Trebujena. Cross-road Mesas de Asta. Continue in: CA-601. Then you get Trebujena.

Distances from Trebujena

Sevilla 83 km
Cádiz 55 km
Espera 42 km
Lebrija 12 km
El Cuervo 18 km
Chipiona 33 km
Jerez de la Frontera 22 km
Arcos de la Frontera 50 km
Sanlúcar de Barrameda 24 km
Las Cabezas de San Juan 27 km

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