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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Trevélez, Alpujarra Granadina

Trevelez is a Municipality to be found in the northern part of the Granada Alpujarras (Granada province), about 97 km from the provincial capital. Trevélez borders the municipalities of Güéjar Sierra, Jerez del Marquesado, Bérchules, Juviles, Busquístar, Pórtugos and Capileira.

Much of its district (the highest altitude of the Iberian Peninsula) is located in the Sierra Nevada National Park and reaches the highest peak of the Peninsula, Mulhacén.

Trevelez is one of the municipalities where much of the history is known. A stone in the mountain town with inscriptions that have not been completely deciphered give some indication of a Neolithic settlement most likely before the arrival of the Romans.

However the true origin is unknown, but the name, from the Latin term “inter-valleys” and the existence of some remains of the third century surely point to a Roman origin.
With the arrival of the Arabs today’s Trevelez was set out, with much that is to be seen in the current municipality. The irrigation system, already in place, was improved and perfected by the Arabs, which helped to shape the landscape we see today, with terraced fields, a meadow around the town and the population centre divided into three neighbourhoods. This legacy lives on in many ways, but especially in the ways of construction of buildings.

At the time of the Catholic Kings, and the War of Conquest of the Kingdom of Granada (1482-1492), the Christian armies penetrated into the Alpujarras, but did not reach as far as Trevélez. Although Granada was conquered in 1492, in Trevelez  the population consisted of Christians and Muslims. In 1500 the Catholic Monarchs forced all this population to be baptized, and from this we have the Moors, a name that means theoretically Muslims converted to Christianity, but they still practiced their old religion in secret. Tensions flared up and eventually exploded in the bloody war of rebellion of the Moriscos (1568-1572).

Many of the Moorish population left Trevelez and fled to the Sierras where they fought a guerilla war against the Christian troops. With the final defeat of the Moors, King Felipe II decided to expel them from the Kingdom of Granada. To prevent the depopulation of the territory it was necessary to find a new population for Trevelez,  many people from the north of the peninsula were brought in, but also people from Murcia, Castile, and so on.

In the seventeenth century, after the repopulation, life in the area was peaceful, if a little isolated. In the late eighteenth century travelers and explorers came to the Sierra Nevada, and many went to Trevelez, from where they started their journey. But it was be in the nineteenth century when romantic travelers, especially the British, created an idyllic view of this region around the Moorish myths and legends which still survive around the land.


Parish Church of San Benito
Ermita de San Antonio (convent)

Trevélez Gastronomy

Trevélez Ham
Migas de pastor, (a stew of meat and breadcrumbs), fried potatoes with sausage and fried eggs,  stews of potatoes and meat and kid with garlic also occupy a central place in the gastronomy of  Trevelez. Torta Real and chestnut soup are specialties of the region.


From Granada: Carretera N-323 south (towards Motril). After about 37 km take the exit towards Lanjaron. Continue along road until you reach Orgiva. Exit from Órgiva: A-4132. Follow signs to the town.

Distances from Trevélez

Granada 87 km
Cádiar 27 km
Ugíjar 38 km
Laroles 48 km
Órgiva 35 km
Motril 66 km
Bérchules 19 km
Benaudalla Velez 53 km
Mecina Bombaron 26 km

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