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Villages in Almeria


Villages in Almeria

Turre – Levante Almeriense Region

The village of Turre is situated east of the province, and has many beautiful vistas of the Sierra Cabrera. Cultivated fields near the coast still feature traditional architecture and these provide a strong draw for visitors, as do the many bars and restaurants, together with many other tourist services.

The municipality of Turre has an area of 107.96 km2. The village is located at 37*09’ North Latitude and the 1* 53′ West Longitude, and is 53 metres above the sea level. The inhabitants are called Turreros.

Turre limits with Vera, Carboneras, Mojácar, Garrucha and Los Gallardos.

The latin translation of Turris means “tower”, this refers to lookout tower built where Turre now stands, the tower having been built to protect the Mojacar Muslims, in the Moorish era, from the continuous attacks of the Christians of Lorca.

From prehistoric times there have been many settlements of the Neolithic and Copper Ages, remains of Celts, Iberian and Romans have also been found in Cadima.

The Al-Andalus period, 10th to 12th centuries, began with the Mozarabic communities living in the area of Sierra Cabrera leaving or being expelled from the area, leaving many abandoned settlements. A farming settlement was formed near the ancient Ibero/Roman  town of Cadima.  In the Moorish period, from the thirteenth century, the mountain towns of Santa Teresa and Cabrera were built.

With the Christian conquest in the late fifteenth century, the Catholic Monarchs forced residents of Mojacar who did not want to go to Africa to settle in the interior, away from the coast, this would become the current Turre. In 1501, Turre, then mainly Moorish, was converted to Christianity, Many moors tried to escape, but were caught and enslaved. Other conversions in the towns of Santa Teresa and Cabrera would be successful.

After the War of the Alpujarras (1568-1570), the Moors of Turre were taken under the dominion of the Marquis del Carpio in Cordoba. Also after the war, Turre, Santa Teresa and Cabrera became depopulated. Repopulation began in 1573 with 43 families from Murcia. The towns of Santa Teresa and Cabrera could not be repopulated until the early eighteenth century. Given the danger posed by pirate attack the residents of Turre were advised to relocate to Mojacar for better defense but in 1596 they were allowed to return to Turre.
In 1838, Vera territories were merged with Sierra Cabrera Turre, and mineral deposits of iron and lead in these mountains were exploited. In addition, Turre benefited from the proximity of the mining operations and smelting at Bédar of Garrucha.

The twentieth century showed a steady loss of population, especially after the Civil War. In the eighties there was a slow recovery due in part to the potential of tourism in Mojacar and the Turre area.


Parish Church of the Immaculate, the sixteenth century. Mudejar style. It was remodeled in the eighteenth century.

Ermita de San Francisco de Asis, sixteenth century. (Convent)

Moorish fountain.

Archaeological Sites

Cerro del Castellón.
Argaric town of Gata.

Los Gallardos.
Iberian and Roman remains.

Town of Theresa.
Remains of a Hispano-Muslim town. Under the ruins are remains of Upper Palaeolithic and the Neolithic eras.
Cabrera villages.
Remains of a Hispano-Muslim town.

Remains of a mosque, XII century.
Minaret. (Tower to call the faithful to prayer)

Cisterns, XII century.

Cueva de la Palmera. (cave)

Bat Cave.

Town planning

Urban layout style architecture.

Turre Gastronomy

Visitors can enjoy many traditional dishes, such as gurullos with rabbit and partridge, meatballs, a stew of wheat crumbs with meat chunks, “fritailla”, Garlic colorao, snails, and many local desserts. Visitors will find a warm welcome in the many local bars and restaurants.


Exit Almería. Continue: N-344. Take I-15 / A-7 direction: Níjar – Murcia – N-340. Take the exit towards: Exit 471 – San Jose Escobar – Cabo de Gata Natural Park – Níjar.  Pass by Campohermoso. Turn right: E-15 / A-7 direction: Vera – Murcia. Follow direction: Exit 516 – Sorbas – N-324 – Guadix. Take the exit towards: Exit 520 – Los Gallardos – Turre – Mojácar – Bedar. At the roundabout, take exit 2 Continue along: A-370 / AL-152 direction: N-340a – Los Gallardos – ALP-117 – Bedar – Garrucha – Turre – Mojácar. Follow signs to Turre.

Almería 78km
Mojácar 5km
Antas 16km
Vera 17 km
Garrucha 8 km
Lubrin 27km
Sorbas 28km
Lucainena de las Torres 40 km

Turre Town Hall


Purísima Parish Church

Purísima Parish Church - Turre

Purísima Parish Church - Turre

San Francisco de Asís Chapel

San Francisco de Asís Chapel

La Carrasca

Pedanía de La Carrasca de Turre

La Carrasca de Turre

Ermita de La Carrasca de Turre

Moorish Fountain

Moorish Fountain - Turre - Ayn Uça Tabela

Moorish Fountain

Moorish Fountain - Turre

Turre Fountain

Turre Fountain

La Carrasca Fountain

La Carrasca Fountain

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