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Villages in Jaen


Villages in Jaen

Úbeda – World Heritage

Úbeda is located in the geographical centre of Jaén, in the region called “La Loma de Úbeda”. It is undoubtedly the commercial, cultural and y services centre of a large territory that covered the eastern area of the province. It is the communications nucleus that connects Levante and Murcia with Alta Andalucía and this one with the valley of the Guadalquivir. It is entrance and exit door of the Cazorla, Segura y las Villas Natural Park and Sierra Mágina.

We can say that from the Roman Age there were found many remains.

During al-Andalus period Úbeda was occupied by the Arab tribe called yamari. Úbeda was founded in the IX century by Abd al-Rahman II and called Ubbadat, it turned into one of the most important towns of Al-Andalus thanks to its handicraft and trade. In 852 there were built its walls. Alfonso VI, Alfonso VII tried to conquest it with different luck. It was seized successively in the XI and XII centuries by the Almoravids and the Almohads.

The definitive Christian conquest was carried out in 1234 by the king Fernando III.

Úbeda took part in the siege of Algeciras in 1344 and some years later it suffered the fire and murders ordered by Muhamad V.

The consecutive struggles occurred; made that in 1503 the Spanish Catholic monarchs Ferdinand V and Isabella ordered the demolition of the walls and fortress towers.

During the XVI century Juan Vázquez Molina and Francisco de los Cobos made that Úbeda takes part in the government tasks.

We have to say that in Úbeda died San Juan de la Cruz.

Úbeda has been called the town of the Andalusian Renaissance due to the quantity and quality of the monuments in this artistic age, and it is very representative of the plateresque age.

Úbeda Monuments

Church of San Pablo
Chapel of San Juan de la Cruz
Sacred Chapel of El Salvador
Church of La Trinidad
Church of Santiago
State-run Hotel of El Condestable Dávalos
Santa María de los Reales Alcázares
Palace of Las Cadenas
Palace of Vela de los Cobos
Real Monastery of Santa Clara
Palace of La Rambla
House of the Torres
Torre del Reloj (Clock Tower)
Santiago Hospital
Puerta del Losal

Úbeda Gastronomy

The ubetense cuisine is basically Mediterranean, with abundant of legumes, cereals, slaughtering meat and, of course, the olive (verdeo, black or the variety of cornezuelo) and the olive oil, that is the main harvest in the region. We can mention some important products such as migas (crumbs, red pepper, garlic, chorizo, oil, grapes…), ochío, an oil cake sprinkled with paprika. We also can mention the typical dishes like marinaded partridge, black pudding in caldera, buñuelos (or churros, dough formed into sticks or rings and fried in oil), fried in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and desserts like hornazo (a sweet and dry bread which is decorated with hard-boiled eggs) or papajotes (milk, eggs, flour, baking powder, grated lemon rind, cinnamon, sugar and oil).

Other traditional dishes we have to emphasize are the vegetable stew with aubergines, the chickpea stew with chards, the garbanzos mareaos (a soup made with chickpeas from the previous days), andrajos (potato, flour, olive oil, garlic, onion, pepper, salt and paprika) and the small pasties. We have to emphasize the slaughtering products (chorizos in oil, cured pork sausages), marinated loin, pork loin, black pudding, etc.).

With respect to confectionery, it is important to point out that, as well as the ochíos, borrachuelos, Easter hornazos (oil bread cake with a hard-boiled egg in the centre), the tortas de Candelaria, picatostes (croutons) and many kinds of toasts. We can also find a popular variety of peach sangría (a type of punch) called cuerva.

Úbeda How to get there

From the North
You have to follow the Motorway N-IV (from Madrid), until you get near Bailén where you have to take the turn-off to Linares. Next you have to follow by the N-322 until you get Úbeda.

From the South
You have to take any of the Motorways towards Granada, and from here on you have to follow towards Jaén. Few kilometres before this town you are going to find the turn-off towards Úbeda.

From the East
Alicante or Murcia: you have to follow towards Granada by the Motorway A-92, and after crossing Granada you have to take the turn-off towards Jaén. To 5 kilometres from this town you are going to find the turn-off towards Úbeda.
From the rest of towns: you have to go towards Albacete until you cross the town, where you have to take the N-322 that takes you until Úbeda.

From the West
You have to take the Motorway N-IV (towards Madrid), until you arrive near Bailén where you are going to find the turn-off of Linares- Albacete. Then you have to follow by the N-322 until you get Úbeda

Distances from Úbeda

Jaén 64 km
Baeza 11 km
Jimena 28 km
Linares 30 km
Sabiote 9,5 km
Bedmar 29 km
Torreperegil 9 km
Villacarrillo 30 km
Peal de Becerro 31 km

Úbeda Town Hall

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