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Villages in Almeria

Uleila del Campo

Villages in Almeria

Uleila del Campo – Filabres – Tabernas Region

The town of Uleila del Campo is located in the foothills of the Filabres, descending to the depression of Sorbas and near the Campo de Tabernas; located on a small high point forms a rounded, well-structured urban area, in a landscape is not free of attractive where dominates the fields of vines, almond and olive groves. Within the town we can emphasize the vision of the Church of Santa María.

Uleila borders on the municipalities of Benizalón, Tahal, Sorbas, Lucainena de las Torres, Cóbdar and Lubrín.

Uleila del Campo History

After the conquest of the kingdom of Granada by the Catholic Monarchs, to compensate the nobles who had collaborated in the conquest, distribute lands of Almería among them, and Uleila belongs the Duke of Infantado (lordship formed by Castro, Olula de Castro and Uleila); then the estate would be formed only by these two latter, under the jurisdiction of the Duke of Francavilla, family related with the Ducado del Infantado.

Once the Moors were expelled, in 1586 the term was repopulated by ten families, among whom the division of the property, lands and trees was held on that had dropped out of deportation.

With these new neighbours from different parts of Spain started the agricultural revolution, moving from an economy based on production of silk and cultivation of fruits, almonds and olives to the cultivation of grain in large-scale and care of livestock.

About the historical evolution of Uleila, in the middle of the XVIII century it continued being Marquis Manor Aguilafuente’s land, to who belonged, besides Uleila, Lucainena de las Torres and other possessions near Purchena.

The scribe of the moment (Catastro E-116, AHP) describes it thus: “Uleila del Campo, district of the city of Baza, is dominion; is far from the city thirteen leagues and from Granada, the capital of province, twenty-nine.


Church of Santa María, 1772.

Hermitage of Nuestra Señora de la Cabeza.

Uleila del Campo Gastronomy

In Uleila del Campo is tradition cooking crumbs or bread flour, served with paprika broth, fried peppers and dried tomatoes, fish and chops.
The stews are also eaten, cooked in its different forms: corn, squash and fennel, which prepare the body for a hard day’s work. In the hot days of summer are refreshing the gazpacho (cold soup), and seasonal salads. The rabbit fries and chicken porridge with fish stock are also traditional, using the most splendid seasonal vegetables.
The typical confectionery of theses dates are the roasted pork and lard cakes, the pan de aceite, suspiros and buns.

How to get there

You have to exit Almería and take the road to Granada. Then cross Huércal de Almería. Go straight on. Take the national road N-340 towards: Huércal de Almería – Almería – E-15 – N-340 – Nijar – Murcia. At the roundabout, take the salida 1 and continue along: A-92A towards: A-92 – Benahadux – Guadix. Alleyway of Benahadux. At the roundabout, take the salida 3 and continue along: A-92 heading to Guadix – Granada. Take the exit towards: Salida 376 – N-340a – Tabernas – Sorbas. At the roundabout, take the salida 2 and continue: N-340A towards: Sorbas – Tabernas. Pass near Tabernas. Turn left: A-1100. Turn left: Camino Viejo de Almería. Then you get Uleila.

Distances from Uleila del Campo

Tahal 24 km
Antas 43 km
Lubrín 16 km
Gérgal 47 km
Sorbas 14 km
Macael 45 km
Almería 55 km
Albánchez 25 km

Uleila del Campo Town Hall

Uleila del Campo

Constitución Square - Uleila del Campo

Santa María Parish Church

Santa María Parish Church - Uleila del Campo

Nuestra Señora de la Cabeza Chapel

Nuestra Señora de la Cabeza Chapel - Uleila del Campo

Uleila del Campo Viewpoint

Uleila del Campo Viewpoint

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