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Villages in Almeria


Villages in Almeria

Urrácal – Sur de la Sierra de las Estancias

Urrácal is a town in the province of Almeria, Andalucia, Spain. In 2005 it had 353 inhabitants. Its area is 25 km ² and it has a density of 14.1 inhabitants per km ². Its geographical coordinates are 37 ° 24 ‘N, 2 ° 22’ W, and it sits at an altitude of 744 metres, 114 kilometers from the provincial capital, Almería.

In 1504 Urrácal was granted the title of town for their help in the conquest of the kingdom of Granada in the campaign by the Catholic Kings, who had conquered Almeria in 1489, and the rest of the province in 1492 with the conquest of Granada. In the campaign against the Moors, some of those captured in the hills of Purchena were handed over by Don Juan de Austria to the royal army gunners.

The town has a typically Arabic layout, sitting on various levels, the focal point being the Plaza de la Constitucion, where you can find the church and the old city hall. Urrucal has about fifty streets, somewhat hemmed in by the mountain slopes, which gives the impression of a vibrant and colourful town.

Despite its steep, twisting streets, some of which are difficult to access, it looks original, unique, surprising and almost magical. The white facades, wrought iron balconies, narrow streets, steep slopes and the majesty of the church are reminiscent of a flourishing past. According to the Book of Repartimiento, “… some houses were 129 in total, with vines by the doors and sheds, of which there are many, some covering even the passages between”.

At the beginning of the century the population was 938 inhabitants, by 1952 it had dropped to 710 houses. At present there is severe depopulation, through the 328 inhabitants of 1991 and increasing a little to 345 today. There are about 200 inhabited houses and 20 other houses for various uses, also a few cottages spread out in the locality, and the village of Agua Amarga, which once had 200 inhabitants, lies about five km away.

Migration has fluctuated throughout the century, in the early fifties it was insignificant, but then increased, mainly to Macael , Olula del Río , Catalonia, France and Germany, though the population has stabilised in recent years. The town has a school for the younger pupils, but from the second year of primary school pupils have to be transported to the College of Purchena.

In its economic heyday Urrácal was known for its numerous olive trees, its high quality grain products, the production of soft soap, which used the various surpluses from other products, and the “buying and dyeing of fabrics amounting to many thousands of metres per year.”

In more recent times there have been two printshops in the town, “The Economy” (bought in 1925 by Francisco Galera de Tabernas for the Jimenez brothers) and “Exactitud” (when separated from the previous company of José Jiménez).

The latter had numerous employees until 1985, editing many types of forms for Spain, as well as brochures and books which can still be found in many libraries of Almería and other provinces.

Urrácal Monuments

Parish Church
Urrácal laundry
City Council

Urrácal Gastronomy

In Urracal you can taste a variety of sausages (black pudding, chorizo, sausage).Migas, (breadcrumbs cooked with meat,) cooked sausage, rice with rabbit and garlic tortilla.


Exit Almería direction: N-340 – Murcia – Almería Round – A-92 – Granada . Take the exit towards: Exit 453 – Viator  – A-92 – Guadix – Granada . At the roundabout, take exit 4 Continue along: A-92. Take the exit towards: Exit 373/376 – Tabernas – Murcia – N-340a. Pass near Tabernas , Benitorafe and Macael . Follow signs to  Olula del Rio .Go straight ahead until a left turn: A-334. Continue to: ALP-402. Turn right: ALP-844. Enter Urrácal.

Distances from Urrácal

Suflí 10 km
Fines 13 km
Lucar 21 km
Almería 90 km
Somontín 4.5 km
Purchena 6.5 km
Olula del Rio 10 km
Almanzora Armuña 12 km

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