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Castles in Sevilla, Utrera Monuments

Utrera Castle

Castles in Sevilla, Utrera Monuments

Utrera Castle

The Utrera Castle is located in the monumental center of Utrera, a few meters from the Parish Church of Santiago el Mayor and Convent of La Purísima Concepción.

Strategically located on a natural hill surrounded by a wall belt, it was the main guarantee for the defense of the town.

His plant, of a quite regular layout, presents towers in the angles and in the intermediate zones. Undoubtedly, the best preserved is the Homage Tower, square construction with two vaulted bodies and a terrace whose battlements were peeled off in the time of the Catholic Mornarchs.

The history of the Utrera Castle is wide and very interesting, built by the Council of Seville on the remains of an ancient Arab tower, it is mentioned in 1246 by Alfonso X the Wise. In 1368 it was destroyed by Mohamed V of Granada and later rebuilt at the end of the 14th century. Since the end of the fifteenth century the buildin lost its defensive character, enters the purest abandonment until practically our days, in which it has been recovered for public use.

Utrera in the Middle Ages

After the Conquest of Seville in 1248, a defense mechanism was established around the capital. Utrera within the so-called Morisca Band (southeast zone) becomes the great rearguard square for the control of the border with the Muslims of Granada. From it the access road to Seville was closed with a line of towers that are still preserved in the Term: La Torre del Águila, Bollo, Troya, Lopera, Ventosilla, Alcantarilla and Alocaz.Utrera Castle

The town itself became a strong town with a castle and solid walls of which we know of the existence of two enclosures, one old and small, prior to the 14th century, and the other later, whose fence covered an area of ​​about 18 hectares, reinforced with 38 towers, the Castle itself and several doors (to the North, the Puerta de Sevilla; to the West, La Puerta de Jerez; to the South, the Puerta de la Villa- the only one existing today and later, the Puerta de San Juan).

The Castle of Utrera of Arab origin dates from the 13th century, suffering successive devastation until it was totally abandoned.

After a reconstruction attempt in 1915, it was definitively recovered for the city from the works begun in 1981 that culminated in the inauguration of this site on July 30, 1986, by the President of the Junta de Andalucía D. José Rodríguez de la Borbolla, being Mayor of Utrera Mr. José Dorado Alé.

Utrera Castle, 6/02/2011

Utrera Castle

Utrera Castle

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