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Utrera Monuments

Utrera – Church of Our Lady Los Dolores

Utrera Monuments

Church of Our Lady Los Dolores

The Church of Our Lady Los Dolores is located in the town of Utrera, Sevilla province, near the Arch of the Village.

In 1731 a group of boys spent their time singing the rosary by the streets “as a childish enjoyment rather than by devotion” as one of them admitted in this book Description de Utrera (Description of Utrera). Some people joined them until they constituted the brotherhood of the “Servitas” whose architectonical fruit is in front of you.

Los Dolores is a period in the Baroque of Utrera because we find the beautiful 18 th century church with round shape, open chapels between the buttresses of the wall and covered with a great dome. The circular direction of the temple is remarked by a pictorial via cruces which starts and ends in the high altarpiece developing its stations along the chapels.

Paintings and sculptures like the Christ of Las Aguas dating from the second half of the 16th century are distinguished in the interior, the archangel San Miguel and La Piedad of the High Altar. The most interesting in the painting which represents San Antonio de Padua, an oil painting by Francisco Pacheco dating from the year 1599 when Velázquez born, his pupil and son-in-law.

In 1877 Santa Ángela de la Cruz, founder of the Sisters of the Cross, moved to Utrera where she founded the firs affiliate house of her order, donated by the marquis of Casa Ulloa, adjacent to the chapel of Los Dolores, where they continue inhabiting and neatly caring this church of Los Dolores.

Church of Our Lady “Los Dolores”
Baroque fruit of a youthful street rosary
Utrera, 1747

Church of Our Lady “Los Dolores”

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