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Utrera Monuments

Utrera – Parish Church of Santa María de la Mesa

Utrera Monuments

Parish Church of Santa Maria de la Mesa

The Parish Church of Santa Maria de la Mesa is located in the monumental town center of Utrera, Seville province.

It was dedicated to the Asunción de la Virgen and is popularly known as Santa Maria de La Mesa because of the elevation of the land where it is located. Its slender tower, cut-out in the sky, defines itself the outline of Utrera in the horizon.

Structurally the parish church has a floor plan with five naves divided by pillars plus opened chapels at both sides. The central nave finishes at the foot with an organ and a wide choir with 61 seats and lectern in the centre. Other interesting rooms are the chapel of the sacristy, the sacramental chapel and the sacristy.

In the sacristy we can distinguish the table made of marble and the Christ of los Quebrados, crucified dating from the 16th century and above all in the rectorial office a panel painting of the Virgin with the child, between San Sebastian and San Roque, realized by Bemardino Luini(1480-1532) one of the main disciples of Leonardo da Vinci.

The central part of the Main Altar, dedicated to la Asuncion de la Virgen, represents in three scenes the ascension to heaven of Santa Maria from the earthly until the coronation by the Trinity in the attic of the altarpiece. It is a work realized by Francisco Ballesteros and Martin Moreno around 1660.

Parish Church of Santa Maria de la MesaIn the sepulchral crypt located under the nave of the church are buried important figures of the local history like the Counts of Vistahermosa, creators together with the livestock farmers Vicente José Vázquez and Rafael Cabrera of the main thoroughbred bulls which gave rise to the present livestock of untamed cattle.

The Gate of the Forgiveness creates an exceptional model of façade in the Spanish Renaissance as it is the only sample of  flared façade with coffers. On both sides of the gate and with giant size and triumphal arch structure, the tower of Santa Maria is erected with its courageous design w hose height rises higher than 60 metres. We can observe in its building materials the superior bodies are posterior to the Renaissance period; in 1755 the earthquake of Lisbon demolished the original superior bodies, rebuilt by several masters among them Miguel Ruiz, a native of Utrera.

Parish Church of Santa María de la Mesa
Tower, triumphal arch of la Mota
Utrera, 1550.

Parroquia de Santa María de la Mesa Parroquia de Santa María de la Mesa

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