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Utrera Monuments

Utrera – Parish Church of Santiago

Utrera Monuments

Parish Church of Santiago – Utrera

The Parish Church of Santiago is located in the monumental town center of Utrera, Seville province, near the Utrera Castle.

Santiago goes deeply its roots into the origin of Utrera as a city. The germ of the present town of Utrera originates in front of the castle and in the primitive church occupied by this site.

According to the chronicles the primitive church of Santiago was sacked during the second half of the 14th century by an incursion of Mohamed V of Granada. After years of abandonment the reconstruction works ended with this main front, an example of the Gothic Baroque of the Catholic Kings style in Western Andalusia.

The building has a rectangular ground plan consisting of three naves with the same height reaching a general elevation of the roofs of the temple trying the parishioner were not only surprised but also felt the omnipotence of God. This aspect was emphasized by the wide and diffused light flooding the whole church.

“The forest of palm trees” forming the eight tufted pillars is amazing, being remarkable by a larger diameter those of the altar whose structure makes you think of the projection of a great Gothic cupola not realized according to the existing data. That “forest of palm trees” is covered with “ a starred sky”, a pictorial programme developed generally in this kind of groin vault.

Parish Church of “Santiago”
Portico to the elevation of the Gothic

Parish Church of Santiago

Parish Church of Santiago

Parish Church of Santiago Bell Tower

Parish Church of Santiago

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