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Water Dams in Jaén

Vadomojón Dam

Water Dams in Jaén

Vadomojón Dam & Reservoir

Vadomojón Dam was built in 1993 on the Guadajoz riverbed, its reservoir is part of the andalusian mununicipalities of Baena and Alcaudete, in the province of Jaen, Spain.

The Guadajoz River rises in the mountains of Priego de Cordoba, flows northward forming Vadomojon Reservoir, located near Baena, passes Albendin, Izcar, Castro del Rio, Torres Cabrera, Cubas and flows into the Guadalquivir.

The Vadomojon Reservoir belongs to the Confederación Hidrográfica del Guadalquivir (area of Cordoba).

The surface of this reservoir basin is 1.185 km2, the average rainfall is 517 l/m2 and an average annual contribution of 185 hm3.

The Vadomojon Reservoir has a capacity of 163,2 hm3, the type of dam is heterogeneous loose materials, Bradley spillway, a crest length of 427 m and a width of coronation of 7 m.

Vadomojon Reservoir Purpose-Objectives

* Irrigation
* Ecological Flows

Vadomojón Dam & Reservoir

Presa de Vadomojón - Embalse de Vadomojón - Pantano de Vadomojón - Alcaudete - Baena

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