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Monuments in Huelva

Valdelarco – Divino Salvador Hermitage

Monuments in Huelva

Divino Salvador Hermitage – Valdelarco

The Divino Salvador Hermitage is located at Carvajal valley by “Puerto Lanchar”, just outside the village of Valdelarco. It is an hermitage built during the last decade of XX century by Valdelarco inhabitants. People go on a pilgrimage to this place in May to tribute to “Divino Salvador”.

Historical Center of Valdelarco

The town center is located on a slope facing south, in the Sierra de Aracena, next to a small valley with a seasonal stream, and surrounded by large masses of trees. Its most significant altitudes are: the Northwest Access, 643.0 m.; Parra Street, 623.0 m.; the Church, 619.2 m.; and Plaza Sánchez Dalp, 610.0 m.

In general, the layout adapts to the topography, producing routes that are substantially parallel or perpendicular to the level lines, which causes these last streets to have a steep slope, reaching a staggered resolution. Its urban road network is also characterized by several issues. In the first place, the main access road has a tangent path to the urban center and serves as support for the linear development of the building, becoming part of the urban road. In the interior there are two clearly differentiated areas in their urban form: the one corresponding to the original nucleus, with a denser plot, formed by streets with a very irregular layout and in which there are still some walkways; and the expansion zone, with wider streets and a somewhat more rectilinear and regular layout. There is also a certain difference between main streets and service streets, which are generally access roads to the rear of the houses and to the corrals. From these, a more confusing layout arises from the need to connect them with certain cattle trails and easement paths between plots. These roads have the character of semi-urban roads and are not equipped with services or paved. Read more…

Hermitage of Divino Salvador

El Caravajal - Divino Salvador Hermitage La Algavilla

valdelarco-la-razuela La Senailla - Divino Salvador Hermitage


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