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Villages in Córdoba


Villages in Córdoba

Valenzuela, Campiña Baja Region

Valenzuela comes under the jurisdiction of the comarca of la Campiña Baja. It lies to the east of the province of Cordoba, the urban centre sits at the foot of the hill known as Alto de la Dehesa or Boyero.

The first documented reference to the name of Valenzuela dates back to 1252, when by reason of the definition of the municipalities of Baena, Porcuna, Albendín and Alcaudete it was known by a number of names including Valencihuela, which later became Valenzuela.
The municipality of Valenzuela acts as a link between the Jaen and Cordoba countryside with easy access to the Guadalquivir Valley and the lands of the Subbetica. Its location gives it a very important archaeological wealth.

From the thirteenth century the municipality was conquered by Tello Alfonso of the family of Tellez de Meneses and placed under their jurisdiction in order to strengthen and defend the border against the Muslims.

The lineage of los Valenzuela was joined in the early fourteenth century to that of del Senorio de Espejo by the marriage of Urraca Sanchez de Valenzuela to Martin Sanchez de Castro.

The town of Valenzuela was granted the title of Marquesado by Philip IV, September 10th, 1625, granting it to Don Antonio Fernandez de Cordoba.

Valenzuela Monuments

Parish Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, built in 1977.
San Roque Chapel.
Custodia of chased silver (XVIII century), Antonio Ruiz, rococo style. (a religious casket or reliquary)


Cerro Boyero, Iberian remains.
Remains of the fortifications at Las Saladillas, with Iberian remains.
Remains of fortifications at Hornos de Yeso
Roman remains found at Algarbejo, Blas and las Puertas as well as those at Los Chozos.


Ermita de Calvario, of recent construction, an interesting panorama.
Calle Palomar.

Valenzuela Gastronomy

Salmorejo (boiled egg and onion, sometimes with apple added). Chorizo and morcilla (black pudding). “Cocido”. Albondigas (meatballs) of turkey breast, loin and ham. Beans cooked with ham or fried. Sweets: “Jeringa” with eggs or fruit. Pestiños. Cupcakes.


Out of Cordoba . Continue to: E-5 / A-4. Take the exit towards: CP-164. Turn right: CP-164. Turn left: CP-146. Enter Bujalance. Exit Bujalance and continue: CO-290. Follow signs to the town.


Espejo 44 km
Porcuna 12 km
Cordoba 61 km
Lendínez 11 km
El Carpio 36 km
Villa del Rio 33 km
Pedro Abad 34 km
Castro del Rio 36 km
Cañete de las Torres 17 km
Higuera de Calatrava 11 km

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