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Villages in Málaga

Valle de Abdalajís

Villages in Málaga

Valle de Abdalajís

Valle de Abdalajís is situated on the southern edge of the comarca (region) of Antequera.

The landscape is a mix of gentle hills covered with olive groves and cereal fields, watered by the arroyo de las Piedras, and the sierras of the same name, at whose feet lies the village. Furthermore it is known for its relief and the excellence of its climate.

The village is 340 metres above sea level and is some 50 kilometres from Malaga. The area receives an average rainfall of 600 l/m2 and the average annual temperature is 14.4 º C


San Lorenzo Church
Convento Residencia San Jose de la Montana
La Peana
Palace of the Counts of los Corbos
Archaeological Remains

The Elderly People´s Home of Madre Petra (Museum)

This convent was founded by the lay sister Madre Petra at the end of the 19th century. In 1880, after the building of the convent, the Madres de Desamparados and San Jose de la Montaña orders werre created to look after elderly people. It is a large building that has been reformed several times and that is located next to Madre Petra´s house. The construction designed followed the popular architecture of Málaga and has become a museum that exhibits everyday items from the second half of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

The Elderly People´s Home of Madre Petra (Museum) - Valle de Abdalajís

Valle de Abdalajís Gastronomy

The most famous dish in Valle de Abdalajís municipality is the “porra”, a cold soup with Antequera´s influence, also de “migas” made from fried bread crumbs, gachas, snails, garlic soup, asparagus soup and pork products.


Start from the capital Malaga, which can be reached from any point on the Costa del Sol by the Autovia Mediterraneo (A-7, N-340) join the A-45 motorway heading towards Antequera. Go into Antequera and find the exit to El Torcal on the A-343, which is well marked. But instead of going to El Torcal, follow the A-343, and after 18 kilometres you will arrive at Valle de Abdalajís.

Distances from Valle de Abdalajís

Malaga 54 km
Granada 125 km
Cordoba 138 km
Antequera 22 km

Valle de Abdalajís Town Hall

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