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Natural Parks in Andalusia

Vega´s Kermes Oak

Natural Parks in Andalusia

Vega´s Kermes Oak – Coripe

The Chaparro de la Vega Natural Monument (Vega´s Kermes Oak) is located in the surroundings of the southern Sierra de Sevilla, in the municipality of Coripe, and within the domains of the Subbetic Sierras. The Chaparro de la Vega “Vega´s Kermes Oak”, of unusual dimensions, stands out for its good state of conservation and spectacularity within a beautiful environment of great natural and scenic value. The surrounding vegetation is composed of forests of holm oaks, with and understory formed by Mediterranean scrubland.

Overall height: 12m.
Shaft height: 2.60 m.
Perimeter (at 1.30 m): 3.90 m.
Perimeter at the base: 4.50 m.

Natural Monuments are unique elements of great ecological value subject to protection.

El Chaparro de la Vega is a centennial oak (between 300 and 400 years old) of the Quercus rotundifolia species, it is in a good state of conservation and has exceptional dimensions; more than 12 meters high, a trunk that reaches more than 1 meter in diameter and 4 meters in perimeter and a crown diameter of approximately 28 meters.

Another noteworthy aspect is the cultural interest associated with it. Next to the Chaparro de la Vega, the pilgrimage of the Virgin of Fátima is celebrated in mid-May, being highly respected by the Coripeños who consider the pilgrimage-chaparro association as indissoluble. In addition, the oak has the record of giving shelter under its branches to the inhabitants of the entire town, about 2,000 people.

Coripe Town Hall

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