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Castles in Cadiz

Vejer de la Frontera – Segur Gate

Castles in Cadiz

Segur Gate – Vejer de la Frontera

The Segur Gate is located between the House of the Marquis of Tamaron and the Divino Salvador Parish Church, in the historical center of Vejer de la Frontera, province of Cadiz.

This gate belonging to the defensive set of the stronghold of the Segur had to be built or restored deeply between 1475-1480 by the second Duke of Medina Sidonia D. Enrique de Guzman. It was known until the seventeenth century as the Gate of the Villa, since during the medieval and early moderm times it must have been the main gate of the walled enclosure.

The door has a thickness of more than three meters and is reinforced by the cylindrical turret of the slide on its north side and a small square tower on the south side. From the inside the Joplin Bar you can still see the staircase (now truncated) that led to the adarve and the chamber of the cylindrical tower of the Corredera that should be at the same level. From this level of the adarve, the passage of round connected, through a staircase whose stone steps of Gothic trace are visible by the face of the west, with the small square tower that frames and defends the Segur Gate (Puerta de la Segur). On the face of the rising the door, with a half-point arch in its origin, had a carved alphabet on the stone with a symmetrical composition of symbols and coats of arms. On the left side, between the alfiz and the arch, the coat of arms of the Mendoza appears on the left side, and on this side a security (from which the name of the door is derived). On the right side (now desappeared or buried by the contiguious house) coat of arms of the Guzmanes and other security facing. The coats of arms respond to thouse of the Duke D. Enrique de Guzmán and that of his wife Dª. Leonor de Mendoza. The double security adopted as a proper symbol by the Duke D. Enrique de Guzman, regardless of other considerations, may be related to the power and dignity granted by the Crown to the House of Medina Sidonia.

The arch that had to be half a point on the face of the east has undergone modifications and amputations. Already in the decade of the twenties and in the late thirties of the last century broke the half point for the passage of trucks. Important restoration work was done in the 1970s, while the small square tower that frames the door was restored and semi-detached. It would be viable and attempt to restore the original door and the whole set.

Poniente (Westerm) Gate (10th – 12th centuries)
Restored 15 century by Lord Enrique, Duke of Guzmán.
Second inner gate in the former defense bastion.

Segur Gate - Vejer de la Frontera

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