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Monuments in Málaga

Vélez – Málaga – San Juan Bautista Church

Monuments in Málaga

Vélez-Málaga – San Juan Bautista Church

The San Juan Bautista Church is located at the Constitución Square, in Vélez Málaga., few minutes from the walls of Velez Malaga Castle.

The primitive church dates from 1487, built under the Gothic-Mudejar postulates. In the same century itSan Juan Bautista Church - Vélez-Málaga

underwent a remodeling in its factory and between 1541 and 1564, being bishop Fray Bernardo

Manrique, a niw extension was carried out, constructing in this epoch the tower.

Significant are the reforms that take place during the Baroque period, of which some elements remain and others, from the end of the 18th cnetury, in which the decoration of the sacristy was made, and extraordinary peice built in 1789, a work attributed to José Martín de Aldehuela.

Its magnificent cover, which communicates through a hall with the nave of the Gospel, presents a very fine decoration based on stuccoes with plant elements and apocalyptic symbols, which stands out in the most classic and austere setting of the church. However, the greatest transformation that the promitive church suffered was with the works executed between 1853 and 1860, by Bishop Juan Nepomuceno Castellana, acquiring then its current neoclassical imprint.

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