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Villages in Córdoba


Villages in Córdoba

Villaharta, Sierra Morena

The town of Villaharta is located in Sierra Morena, to the north of the province of Córdoba, its small municipality is set in a mountainous landscape with Mediterranean vegetation and some olive groves.

The village is small and cozy, with a simple and open-plan urban fabric, and has become a place of rest for many families from the capital.

Although writings in the late Middle Ages referred to the Ventas of Villaharta, it appears that the reason for their toponymy is hinted at by the elevated position of the village.

Located in the foothills of Sierra Morena, Villaharta is integrated within the context of mining, clearly since ancient times.

Villaharta has already been documented in 1478, when Alfonso de Hoces leased to Benito Rodriguez and his wife Juana Diaz, neighbors of the same Alfonso, an estate with two wineries, a millstone and some vineyards.

The Catholic Monarchs granted to Fernando Paez de Castillejo power to create, in favor of his son Francisco Paez, a mayorazgo (a state of inheritance to the first-born or primogeniture) constituted by its properties, among which was the inheritance of land from Alhondiguilla, which would eventually form the municipality of Villaharta.

Parish church of Our Lady of Mercy, nineteenth century.

Mina La Calera. (mine)

Calle de Andalucia.
Calle Calvario.
Ancient baths of Fuenteagria, disused.

Gastronomy in Villaharta

The traditional cuisine of Villaharta is notable for the numerous dishes of game meat and for its sweets, as well as products from pigs, handmade in the traditional “matanza” or slaughter, in which, as tradition dictates, migas is eaten while also sausages and black pudding are made.

Besides this, also prepared are other dishes that take advantage of food that comes from the fields, such as beans or chestnuts to prepare succulent dishes like bean casserole and chestnut stew, respectively. Other typical dishes of the village are Tortillitas de San José, el Caldillo de Perdigon and Lomo de Orza.

Other culinary delights that are eagerly awaited are sweets, among which are sopaipas, hojuelas and hornazo (very typical sweet that is prepared for the celebration of Easter Sunday).


Out of Cordoba. Continue: N-432. Passing El Vacar. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit. Continue along: CO-420. Enter Villaharta.


Espiel 15 km
Obejo 12 km
Bélmez 36 km
Cordoba 37 km
Pueblonuevo 43 km
Villanueva del Rey 28 km
Villanueva del Duque 41 km
Villaviciosa de Córdoba 24 km

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