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Villages in Málaga

Villanueva de Algaidas

Villages in Málaga

Villanueva de Algaidas

Villanueva de Algaidas is situated in the province of Malaga, in the comarca (region) of Antequera. It is located between Málaga and Córdoba, is bordered by the towns of Atalaya and Villanueva de Algaidas, and has an area of 74.50 square kilometres and 4,296 inhabitants.
The village of Villanueva Algaidas is 540 metres above sea level and is 11 kilometres from Archidona, 30 from Antequera and 70 from the provincial capital.

The area receives an average rainfall of 625 l/m2 and the annual average temperature is around 15.6 º C.

Apparently the town has its origin in the foundation of the Convent of Our Lady of Consolation of the Algaidas, authorized in 1566 by D. Pedro Téllez Girón, first Duke of Osuna, in favour of the Congregation of the Padres Recoletos of Saint Francisco de Asís.

There arose around the convent small villages (Atalaya, Zamarra, Albaicin, Parrilla, Rincona, and Barranco del Agua) which resulted in the municipality of Villanueva de Algaidas segregating these villages from the municipality of Archidona  on August 26, 1843.

There is evidence of settlements in the area at a much earlier date. The Alcaide necropolis, situated on the borders of the province of Antequera about 3 km. dating from the Chalcolithic period, provides a set of rock-cut tombs 3500 years old.

From the archeological remains of “Tegulae” and Roman pottery found at the site of la Villeta, we can assume also the presence of a Roman settlement.

Next to the Convent lies one of the most interesting remains in the village. This is a Mozarabic archeological group composed of three excavations in the rock for religious purposes and occupied by hermits and anchorites cited in the Franciscan Chronicles that account for the foundation of the Convent. The site dates from IX or X century according to most historians. In the vicinity of these buildings is the Puente del Arroyo del Bebedero, which presumably connected the villages of La Atalaya and La Rincona, the bridge dating from the late Middle Ages and was built by hermits themselves.


Rupestre Church
Virgen del Socorro Chapel
Necropolis de los Alcaides
Ntra. Sra. de Consolacion Church
Convento de Franciscanos (Convent )
Puente del Arroyo del Bebedero (Bridge)

Villanueva de Algaidas Gastronomy

In Villanueva Algaidas much of the cuisine is with products that are harvested in the area, products like olive oil and flour, natural products of high quality with which the most elaborate dishes are prepared. Of note are “porra Crua” salmorejo, gazpacho, ajo blanco, relleno de carnaval and many more.

As for pastry Villanueva Algaidas has rich borrachuelos, candied pine nuts, muffins and los huesos de santo.Villanueva de Algaidas


By the Autovia Mediterraneo (A-7 or N-340) you reach the capital, Malaga, and from here you take the A-45 (N-331) towards Antequera. On the outskirts of Antequera continue on the A-45 through A-92 in the direction of Archidona.Shortly before reaching the village, turn onto the A-6201, and arrive at Villanueva Algaidas. After leaving Malaga all the directions are well signposted and it is hard to go wrong.


Malaga 76km
Guadix 142km
Granada 91 km
Cordoba 111 km
Antequera 30km
Casabermeja 53km

Villanueva de Algaidas

Villanueva de Algaidas Town Hall

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