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Villages in Córdoba

Villanueva de Córdoba

Villages in Córdoba

Villanueva de Córdoba, Pedroches Region

Villanueva de Córdoba is a town located to the northeast of the province of Córdoba (Spain), in the Region of Los Pedroches. It is 75 km from the capital and has an altitude of 725 metres above sea level. The municipality has an area of 427’9 Km2 and in 1996 it has 10,164 inhabitants.

It is one of the most important towns in the region, with an important tradition in the art of curing ham and manufactures the famous navajas jarotas.

It seems that Villanueva de Córdoba emerged in the early XV century with the name of Encinaenana. It appears that its foundation would have been due to immigrants from Pedroche that left their place of origin because of the plague. The name of Villanueva de Córdoba emerged in the late XV century, in 1499.

Villanueva de Córdoba Monuments

Parish Church San Miguel
Town Hall
Church of El Dulcenombre
Parish Church of San Sebastián


Some of the most typical dishes in Villanueva de Córdoba are: the salmorejo, gazpacho, migas “tostas”, the “ajo migao”, chanfaina (typical in the slaughter day) and Iberian pork products and hunting dishes.

Villanueva de Córdoba – How to get there

From Córdoba: You must take the motorway A-4 which goes to Madrid, and exit at junction going to Villafranca de Córdoba. When you enter Villafranca de Córdoba leave a petrol station and about 200 metres you will find a roundabout, which you can take the right lane. You have to follow this road (CO-412) and about 10 minutes from Villafranca de Córdoba you reach Adamuz, in the centre of Sierra Morena. Leave Adamuz, take A-421 and continue until you get to the town.


Azuel 35 km
Obejo 39 km
Adamuz 40 km
Córdoba 75 km
Cardeña 28 km
Villaharta 51 km
Conquista 16 km
Pozoblanco 21 km
Alcaracejos 32 km

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