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Villages in Huelva

Villanueva de las Cruces

Villages in Huelva

Villanueva de las Cruces

Located 61 km from the capital, Villanueva de las Cruces belongs to the Judicial District of Valverde del Camino, has an area of 33.7 km2 and an official population of 428 inhabitants on the 1 January 1998. The municipality limits with Alosno, Calañas, and El Cerro de Andévalo

It was founded after 1587, as a group of houses around a “venta” and an inn that were on the road from Seville to Portugal.

During the seventeenth century it gained its name from the custom of its inhabitants of verifying their documents with a cross.


Parish Church of Santa María de la Cruz.

Shrine of San Sebastian.

Urban Sites

Tithe mill.

Mudejar Houses, Gothic and Baroque.

Fountains of la Huerta del Chorrito and Buenavista.

Villanueva de las Cruces Gastronomy

The cuisine of the municipality is based on the products of its fields and meadows: The soup of “la Matanza”, presa de paleta a la brasa, migas, lamb stew and rabbit stew.

The gurumelo, a mushroom typical of this land, and with a great taste, is present in many of their dishes.

As for the desserts, these include rosas, buñuelos, quesos de piñonate, las ajuelas and las petacas.


Leave Huelva heading towards Gibraleón. From Gibraleón head toward San Bartolomé de la Torre and Alosno. In the outskirts of Tharsis, take the A-475. Continue to the town.

Distances from Villanueva de las Cruces

Huelva 61 km
Alosno 29 km
Sevilla 117 km
Calañas 18 km
Paymogo42 km
Cabezas Rubias 16 km
Puebla de Guzmán 23 km
Almonaster la Real 55 km
Santa Bárbara de Casa 29 km

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