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Villages in Sevilla

Villanueva de San Juan

Villages in Sevilla

Villanueva de San Juan

Villanueva de San Juan is located in the south-eastern sector of the province of Sevilla, belonging to the region of the Southern Highlands.

The village is situated in an area of steep topography, it has evolved in the hillside, featuring steep slopes. Villanueva is communicated through the SE-469 road to Morón de la Frontera (West) and El Saucejo (east), although this route runs north of the town, being necessary to have access to it.

Despite the move topography, the town presents a very compact morphology, with a series of oriented basically long blocks east to west and converge on a central street running north-south part of the church square. In the periphery, the urban grid is completed with small irregular blocks. There is a predominance of residential use.

The first human settlements dating from the Palaeolithic, found axes and other stone objects in various caves around the town.

From the Roman era there have found some pottery, tiles, coins of the empire, and so on.
During the period of Al-Andalus it seems that first town was situated near the actual, in what was called the Moorish Banda or border area between Moors and Christians.
Its foundation dates from the late XV century with the name of Puebla de Villanueva.
King Philip II granted the Duchy of Osuna to Don Pedro Girón de la Cueva in 1562 and began a new era for the region of Osuna. In 1600 it changed to its current name.

In the early XIX century with the abolition of the domains, Villanueva get its independence from Osuna and the constitution of its own municipal government. Its history is linked to the Dukes of Osuna until 1837 that becomes an independent municipality.

Villanueva de San Juan Monuments

Church of San Juan Bautista
Roman Archaeological Sites
Archaeological Sites
Palaeolithic Sites

Villanueva de San Juan Gastronomy

Porra (garlic, vinegar, pepper, bread, tomato, egg). Hare with rice.

Sweets: Tortas de manteca. Roscos de huevo.

How to get there

You have to exit Sevilla and take: A-92 towards Alcalá de Guadaíra – Granada – Málaga. Pass near Alcalá de Guadaira. Take the exit towards Salida 41 – Arahal – Morón de la Frontera. In the area around Arahal, turn right: SE-435. Cross Morón de la Frontera. Continue along: A-360 to Villanueva de San Juan.

Distances from Villanueva de San Juan

Sevilla 96 km
Osuna 35 km
Utrera 67 km
Coripe 53 km
Puente Genil 70 km
Alcalá de Guadaira 79 km
Morón de la Frontera 32 km

Villanueva de San Juan Town Hall

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