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Villages in Córdoba

Villanueva del Rey

Villages in Córdoba

Villanueva del Rey, Sierra Morena

Villanueva del Rey is to be found to the north of the province of Cordoba, about 60 km from the capital, and is nestled in the Sierra Morena. The environment is home to a large amount of mountain hunting and has a landscape of remarkable beauty, but also has a wealth of cultural activities.

The name comes from two facts: From its latest growth, particularly in the early fourteenth century, and for the other part the fact that it was under the jurisdiction the Council of Córdoba, which later became the property of the Crown.

Remains have been found of a cyclopean type together with castreño type buildings showing the prehistoric roots.

Villanueva’s population grew in the early fourteenth century and remained attached to that of Córdoba, and therefore without an Ayuntimiento or Mayor, throughout the Middle Ages.

The church belonged to the archdeaconry of Pedroche and the region was devoted primarily to forestry. The state court of Villanueva del Rey is royal, hence its name. In 1637 King Philip I, offered it for sale and it was purchased by Pedro Gomez de Cardenas. Thus the town became a dominion, and the owner changed the name to Villanueva de cardenas. Later it became a “condado”, and the owner received the title of conde or count.

Villanueva del Rey Monuments

Parish of the Immaculate Conception (typical church of the Sierra, sixteenth century. Of note is the beautiful tabernacle of wood placed in the chancel of the parish. Important, likewise, are two small tables, Renaissance-inspired, of San Sebastian Sagitado and St. Irene. Also   important are the silver custodias of the mid-sixteenth and seventeenth centuries). ( Custodias are religious caskets or reliquaries)
Santiago Chapel (of a type typical of the sierra).

Cerro de los Castillejos (Prehistoric with traces of a medieval castle).
El Hermitano ( megalithic tombs, Chalcolithic era).

Calle Real.


Among the menu of the cuisine of Villanueva del Rey we must include such delicious dishes as migas or “el cocido”. For those who prefer the sweeter dishes, Villanueva offers rich donuts, hojuelos and roscos.


Out of Cordoba. Continue: N-432. Passing El Vacar. Turn left: CP-016. Arrive at Villanueva del Rey.

Distances from Villanueva del Rey

Obejo 41km
Espiel 14 km
Bélmez 12 km
Cordoba 60 km
Villaharta 28 km
Villaviciosa de Cordoba 24 km
Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo A 19 km

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